Why ship FlockDirect?

FlockDirect combines multiple LTL shipments into a single truckload, and moves them on a direct route.

Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Dates

We show up when we say we will or your shipment is on us.

Zero Risk of Loss or Damage

Your shipment doesn’t leave the truck until delivery so it arrives safely, undamaged.

No Sneaky Hidden Fees

We move your LTL with a private full truckload carrier so you’ll never have reweigh/reclass disputes or other surprise charges

Faster than LTL

Full truckload carriers drive 7 days a week, so your shipment moves faster and arrives sooner than standard LTL.

How it Works

FlockDirect provides these benefits by moving your shipments via reliable full truckload service. Our unique freight pooling and optimization technology combines LTL freight shipments from several customers into a multi-stop truckload route.

“The FlockDirect service is outstanding, and the cost is competitive (if not better) than regular LTL quotes.  I have nothing but positive remarks for Flock Freight.”

— Bryan Binninger, S.L. Fusco Inc.

How to get started:

1. Enter your shipment details in the Flock Platform

2. Instantly receive multiple quotes

3. Choose “FlockDirect” and confirm your order

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