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Guarantee Shared Truckload Service with FlockDirect

When you ship FlockDirect, we move your freight via shared truckload, combining it with several shippers’ freight into one multi-stop truckload. Shared truckload has all the benefits of full truckload for a fraction of the cost.

Full Truckload
Full Truckload
Stop waiting to fill an entire truck. Instead, share the trailer and the cost with another shipper that’s moving freight in the same direction.
By pooling your LTL shipments with other freight onto a shared truckload, your shipment skips all hubs and terminals, arriving on time, every time.
Partial Truckload
Partial Truckload
We make delivering your partials easy by putting your freight on one truck that’s shared with other shippers. With shared truckload, you avoid virtually all risk of damage because no one handles your freight between pickup and delivery.



For reliable, on-time service, you can easily schedule exact pickup and delivery times and meet your customers’ precise delivery requirements.


In today’s freight market, 1 out of every 100 LTL shipments is damaged or lost. By moving freight via shared truckload with FlockDirect, we’ve reduced that damage rate to 1 out of 10,000.


Shipping bulky freight through the hub-and-spoke network is tough, which is why many shippers avoid it. We take care of your odd-shaped freight by moving it via shared truckload service.

Join Our Flock Today

Join Our Flock Today

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Our Customers' Results
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See the extraordinary results for yourself.

My rep makes me feel like I’m their top priority and has worked beyond general expectations to help get through high-pressure, short-turnaround situations that were critical to us closing new distribution partners in Texas.

Thomas Bentley
Spill Tackle

How do you want to represent your first load to your new customer? You don’t want it damaged. That’s why we use FlockDirect.

Eric Wollaston
Titan Supply Group

The FlockDirect service is outstanding, and the cost is competitive, if not better, than regular LTL quotes. I have nothing but positive remarks for Flock Freight.

Bryan Binninger
S.L. Fusco

Start moving your LTL, partial, and full truckload freight FlockDirect and enjoy damage-free, on-time delivery every time.