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Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Gain exclusive access to our trusted network of carriers, expand your LTL shipping options and get a shot at a free upgrade to shared truckload service.

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Shared Truckload (STL)

Move your midsize freight with a mode that optimizes for partials, and receive truckload-quality service for a fraction of the cost.

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Truckload (TL)

Ship your freight with industry-high speed and industry-low damage rates.

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Why ship FlockDirect?

When you ship FlockDirect™, Flock Freight® moves your shipment via shared truckload, combining it with other freight into one multi-stop truckload. FlockDirect gives midsize freight shippers an efficient, cost-effective way to move their goods.


Reliable, on-time service

Schedule exact pickup and drop-off times while meeting your customers’ precise delivery requirements.


Less damage and loss

By removing the need for trans-loading, FlockDirect minimizes handling and reduces damage by 20 times compared to less than truckload.


Bulky freight made easy

Moving bulky freight through the hub-and-spoke system is challenging, which is why many shippers avoid it. We made FlockDirect to efficiently move partials without the hub-and-spoke network.

Trusted by the best

Join the many leading brands that trust Flock Freight to deliver their goods intact and on time.

Advanced solutions

Explore what makes shipping with Flock Freight different than any other provider.

Carbon neutral shipping

When you ship FlockDirect, we offset all associated emissions at no extra cost to you.

Algorithmic shipment pooling

FlockDirect runs via patented technology that accounts for numerous shipping constraints and proposes optimal shared truckload pools at scale.

The Flock Platform

Book shipments, track your freight and contact our support team all from one place. The Flock Platform gives you the power to ship on your terms, from your fingertips.

Powerful integrations

Our integrations conveniently work with your 3PL partners, TMS systems and existing processes. We make switching to Flock Freight a seamless transition.

Real-time information

Access tracking information in real time, via the Flock Platform, and receive email updates for any changes to pickup or delivery times.

Dedicated support

You can count on your dedicated Flock Freight representative to have your back and provide prompt, urgent support.

“Flock Freight’s customer service is superb. Tim and Alisa go above and beyond, responding very rapidly when we have issues with our freight — even after hours. You can’t get that with other carriers. Plus, Flock Freight’s quarterly business reports show us numbers that no other carrier can.”

Ryan Wuerz
Dollar Shave Club
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“We have eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect. Wish we could’ve started sooner.”

Eric Wollasten
Titan Supply Group
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“The FlockDirect service is great! You pick up on time, and you deliver on time. Plus, management is happy that we are saving money on freight rates.”

Shanae Weeks
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“Working with Flock Freight has been an awesome experience from the start. We have increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions by 28% with FlockDirect.”

Tyler Wright
Waiākea Water
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