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Using Flock Freight to close deals.

How a successful industrial absorbent manufacturer is able to successfully close deals with price-conscious customers by building the Flock platform into their sales process.

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Who is Spill Tackle?

Maker of industrial-grade absorbents that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, Spill Tackle Inc. is an innovation leader in industrial waste management. Based in Mississippi, Spill Tackle manufactures a product line of organic biodegradable, loose granular absorbents that provide quick, effective cleanup solutions for oil and chemical spills.

Servicing customers across the United States and globally, Spill Tackle must optimize end-to-end operations as a way to achieve faster shipping, on-time delivery, and greater cost savings that they can pass on to their cost-conscious customers in the government, emergency services, and manufacturing industries.

Not Knowing Shipping Costs = Lost Business

For this innovative company with a mission focused on reengineering how the world handles spills, Spill Tackle’s business model is predicated on moving product from manufacturing sites to distribution and customer sites. However, with a focus on product development, manufacturing, and sales, the company’s day-to-day management of moving freight became a point of friction rather than a conduit to driving revenue.

“If the sales team doesn’t close the deal then and there on the phone, it becomes a 50/50 chance on whether the deal closes later on. Speed is key in our industry.”

To close deals on the spot, Spill Tackle’s inside sales team must know the cost of shipping upfront. With the majority of Spill Tackle’s shipments being six pallets or more, there was no fast way to get shipment quotes for PTL without the burden of multiple calls and emails that could take up to two hours of waiting before having proper information to bring back to the client, at which point a sale could be lost.

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The Flock Freight Difference

Since partnering with Flock Freight, all of the cumbersome work that tangled the sales process with the inconvenience of shipping LTL, PTL, and FTL has now been ironed away.

“With Flock Freight, our sales team gets quotes back in a matter of seconds. Allowing the sales team to close deals with the person on the phone and without needing to follow-up with multiple emails and phone calls throughout the day.”

The sales group has access to instant quoting through the Flock Platform. When Spill Tackle has a potential customer on the phone, an instant quote tailored to specific customer requirements is generated during the sales call, rather than the hours of emails chats, and calls it used to take to receive a quote.

An added benefit to this instant transparency is that with FlockDirect, there’s no hidden fees or costs that are added to the shipment price. This visibility allows all parties to be educated on the cost of the transaction, leaving both Spill Tackle and their customers confident and happy.

“My rep makes me feel like I’m their top priority and has worked beyond general expectation to help get through high pressure, short turnaround situations that were critical to us closing new distribution partners in Texas.”

Aside from the fast simplicity that the Flock Platform offers, Spill Tackle has found amazing service with the people behind the technology. When special requests need to be handled to meet deadlines, Spill Tackle and the Flock Freight representatives have partnered to get the right shipment to the right place at the right time.


Quotes from Interview with Thomas Bentley, COO Spill Tackle

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