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Automated Tracking

How does automated tracking work when I’m using a smartphone?

If you choose to connect to our automated tracking via smartphone, you’ll use project44’s mobile app, DriveView. DriveView collects accurate, real-time shipment location information and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Here’s how it works:

  1. We initialize your shipment.
  2. You’ll receive a message through SMS inviting you to set up the application.
  3. You’ll install the app at no extra cost.
  4. You’ll receive a notification that the app is tracking and connected to your current shipment.
  5. Once you complete the delivery, the tracking will automatically stop.

Tip: You must leave DriveView open in the background of your phone throughout the entire delivery. Closing out of the load will stop the tracking and eliminate our ability to detect the location from start to finish.Additionally, you must enable your location services during the trip so the app can track you. If disabled, your location will not update on our end.Using a smartphone for auto-tracking is certainly an option, but will require more distracting screen time on your end.

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