Why Flock Is the Better Alternative for Carriers

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Feb 16, 2023
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You know it. We know it. Shippers and carriers play a critical role in our society. As the backbone of North America’s $1 trillion freight industry, the flow of goods to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers would halt without these services.But transporting goods from place to place requires a lot of planning and logistics. That’s where freight gets more complex.With modern technology, carriers can locate shippers and strike deals. Unfortunately, though, not all technology is equal. At Flock Freight, we make this entire process easy with our dependable, patented tech that gives carriers more opportunities to make more money in less time.Whether you’re looking for the best load board as a new carrier or just want to find a better option for locating shipments, Flock Freight may be the perfect fit. Below, we’ll explore some Flock Freight competitors and compare them to our services and expertise so you can make the right decision.

Flock Freight vs load boards

While load boards connect freight shippers with carriers to find available trucking capacity, they don’t necessarily offer a consolidated and optimized solution (like Flock Freight).Let’s look at some of the best truck load boards and see how they stack up against Flock Freight.

Direct Freight

Direct Freight has a super simple user interface, which makes it a popular load board for many shippers and carriers. This free platform provides detailed shipment information to ensure carriers know exactly what shippers want before they take a job. Plus, shippers will receive real-time quotes from freight carriers interested in the post before selecting the best option.Unique features: Customizable alerts, secure document exchange


TruckStop is a respected, subscription-based load board that many shippers and carriers trust. With some of its higher-priced subscriptions, TruckStop offers in-depth information so that carriers get matched with jobs that suit their experience and requirements. This means less time focusing on negotiations or contract resolutions and more time working.Unique features: Fuel-optimized routes, safety ratings


Another subscription load board, DAT is excellent for carriers who want to see how their rates match up with market data. Users can view similar loads and their current rates to decide if they want to accept or reject available loads. Because of the clear pricing information, carriers can quickly negotiate with shippers to get a fair price for their services.Unique features: Market rate data, expansive and active network

How does Flock compare?

Flock Freight is better than a load board because our platform has LTL, TL, and more partial trucking options for free. Our custom load matches show only the loads that meet the criteria you're looking for. That means less digging through ones that aren't a good fit for their fleet—helping shippers easily find a freight carrier for their needs and carriers find high-paying loads with ease.But we also provide something even better than the best load boards to find freight: shared truckloads with hubless routes.As the only platform offering shared truckloads (STLs), we help carriers deliver with less damage or delay and make more money at the same time. In fact, carriers who haul STL with Flock Freight can earn up to 20% more per than LTL shipping. Plus, our use of hubless routes makes the entire process much more efficient, eliminates the need for additional handling, and reduces the risk of damage or loss.Unique features: Free, quick and easy booking, custom load matches, priority access to exclusive loads, shared truckloads, automatic tracking, self-serve tech for more control

Use Flock to find high-paying loads

Compared to many Flock Freight competitors, our network makes it simple to find and book a job. We have thousands of available loads and can get you convenient, quick recommendations straight to your email inbox.But you may wonder why we’re a better option than our freight competitors offering similar perks. Here’s how we compare against brokers and independently sourcing loads.

Flock vs brokers

Brokers benefit shippers and carriers wanting an intermediary to handle most of the transaction. If you don’t want to involve yourself with communication or details about a job, brokers will handle most of the heavy lifting.However, that’s not always a good thing if a broker doesn’t do this well. Without clear communication with shippers, you may miss important details, making the entire process less organized.For that reason, a few downsides of using inexperienced or unfocused brokers include a lack of direct communication, limited tracking capabilities, and less control over the process. Plus, there may be additional hidden fees.Flock Freight offers more easy-to-use tools and quicker results than other traditional brokers. We eliminate the concerns you may have with our competition by allowing shippers and carriers to operate via our convenient, technology-based platform. We provide direct communication between shippers and carriers, real-time visibility and tracking, and an improved technological solution.

Flock vs independently sourcing loads

A carrier may want to source loads independently to handle negotiations, contracts, and payments directly with shippers.This can become tricky, though, especially if carriers and shippers struggle to find each other to make these agreements. After all, how can you strike a deal with someone if you never connect in the first place? And even if you do find a shipper, you may not have enough time to create a professional relationship, which can hurt you in the long run.Flock Freight is a great alternative simply because we connect shippers and carriers using technology to help you find and secure shipments fast. As a transportation management platform, Flock Freight streamlines the process from start to finish so you can spend more time worrying about the things that matter.

Start hauling with Flock

Even if you love your job as a carrier, money matters.Instead of wondering, “where can I find the best LTL, PTL, and TL load boards?” to get high-paying jobs and feeling unsure about whether you’re actually getting the best loads on the market or not, make it easy on yourself. Carriers who want to make up to 20% more per haul (and have risk-free, guaranteed rates) should work with Flock Freight. Simply log into the platform and rest assured that the options you see are the best of what’s out there.We match top carriers (like you) with reliable loads using our efficient approach. Our freight technology and one-of-a-kind platform help carriers like you find posts without any extra hassle. We make the process easy so you can locate available loads and book jobs faster.Want to work with a technology company that helps freight carriers make more money using patented software? Start earning with us today.