How to Choose the Best Load Board

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Mar 17, 2023
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Selecting a load board may feel like a minor detail, but how you connect with shippers and complete transactions is a big deal. To start, what is a load board? A load board is your primary platform to form relationships and facilitate carrier work. It’s how many carriers find hauls and earn money, so you have to choose the best one possible. There are many factors you’ll want to consider. From the coverage area to the number of hauls available, deciding which load board you use is crucial if you want to earn more money. While the best load board for your business may depend on your specific needs, here are some general tips to keep in mind.

Factors to consider when choosing a load board

Every load board has its own features and interface, so you won’t want to choose one at random. The best load board for you is one that matches all your requirements and doesn’t give you a headache when it’s time to use it. To pick the right one, you should evaluate all the features and benefits different load boards offer before selecting one that meets your needs. Here are some of the most important factors to consider before you make your choice.

Coverage area

A load board’s coverage area is a significant factor. You need to ensure the load board covers the locations you want to work in as a freight carrier. Some load boards will specialize in geographic regions, while others have more extensive coverage. If you want to connect with shippers operating in specific areas, you need a load board that can make those matches happen.

Number of carriers and shippers

Choosing a trucker load board with many active participants is a great idea. You gain more access to open hauls, providing more job opportunities, but you’ll also get better rates due to increased competition. Shippers will have an easier time finding you if you meet their requirements, while you’ll find loads you want to haul based on equipment and expertise.

Pricing and fees

While there are free load boards available, if you want access to the loads on a paid load board, you’ll likely pay in one of the following ways:

  • Flat fee
  • Per load
  • Subscription-based

The first thing to consider is the pricing structure. Think about which option fits best with your budget and usage needs. Next, you’ll want to look at any additional fees the load board has. This might include administrative fees, service fees, or transaction fees. All of this adds up fast as you complete jobs, so you should consider this in the total cost of using a load board.

Load tracking and reporting capabilities

Keeping up with a load’s status and tracking a shipment from pickup to delivery are excellent features some load boards offer. For carriers, load tracking and reporting will make it easier to communicate status updates to shippers. Instead of doing this themselves, carriers can know that the load board feature helps them out. Improving this communication reduces the risk of disagreements and helps carriers build a better reputation to secure more loads in the future.

User-friendliness and ease of use

Want to be as efficient as possible on a trucker load board? Make sure to choose one with an easy-to-use interface to save time and reduce the risk of mistakes. Complicated load boards may make it more difficult to complete transactions or even find shippers to match with, so you’re less productive overall. And, if you start making mistakes because of the confusing interface, you’ll quickly get frustrated with the whole process. Load boards that offer a more positive user experience attract and retain more users. You’ll have a more extensive selection when it’s time to get to work and find a load.

Choose the best load board for your business

The best load board for your business will vary based on what you need, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, depending on your circumstances, there may be specific details to look for as you start your search. I’m an owner-operator: Look for owner-operator load boards with an excellent mobile experience so you can find loads on the go. Cutting costs is essential, so choose free load boards to save money. Flock Freight is a great alternative to load boards here because we have self-service technology, which gives you more control and quick, easy booking opportunities 24/7. I’m a box truck owner: Consider load boards with partial or smaller freight hauls to find the most business. There are also free load boards for box trucks that you’ll want to check out if saving money is your top priority. I want to enter the market: Find load boards with an active community. This will give you more openings to find loads that work for your level of expertise and build relationships to grow a stronger reputation. Flock Freight can help you find customized matches based on your preferences. I’m growing my fleet: Search for trucker load boards with more profitable hauls to make the most money possible. Earning more per haul with load boards will help you grow your fleet faster. Plus, many of these load boards will have customer support. Flock Freight offers world-class customer support, priority access to exclusive loads, and up to 20% more earnings per haul. I have a specialized fleet: Find load boards with specialized hauls to get the most business. That way, you can take advantage of your market position and earn more money with a fleet of reefers or other specialized freight.

How to find the most profitable loads

Finding profitable loads requires research, analysis, and relationships. And luckily, load boards can make this easy on you. Here are three popular load boards that help truckers find jobs:

Popular load boards

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Researching different load boards and comparing rates will help you secure more competitive rates. If you choose a load board with many shippers, you’ll have a better selection when it’s time to secure a job.After viewing a few load boards, you can look at the load boards with rates to compare similar hauls and how much you’d earn. This way, you’ll see which load boards have the best rates for carriers.Want to hear an easier way to do this? Work with Flock Freight for a comprehensive and improved solution. Better than a load board, we offer LTL, TL, and more partial trucking options to help carriers find high-paying loads. Plus, our shared truckloads ​help carriers keep their trucks full with exclusive loads you can’t find anywhere else — earning up to 20% more per haul.

Are you ready to join the Flock?

While many carriers join load boards when it’s time to do business, that’s not always the perfect solution. Whether you’re looking for free load boards for box trucks or paid load boards for specialized hauls, there is an easier way to secure loads. Flock Freight’s network makes it simple for you to find and book a load. We provide direct communication between shippers and carriers, instantaneous load tracking and reporting, and an improved technological solution. Most of what a load board can do, we do better. With all these features, carriers don’t have to worry about anything except completing the haul and moving on to the next one. Ready to join? ​​Start earning with us today.