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FlockDirect vs. XPO G! Guaranteed

02.05.2020 | By Justin Turner | 4 min. read

Comparing FlockDirect & XPO G! Guaranteed

Because of the nature of LTL shipping, there’s good reason why business owners are often concerned about their freight arriving on time. With so many moving parts (pun intended), there are various ways in which your shipment might be delayed beyond your control. As an answer to this concern, many carriers have introduced money-back guarantees to include with their premium delivery options.

Though these guaranteed services often seem to offer similar value to LTL shippers, it’s important to read the fine print to determine exactly what you’re getting for your extra fee. To help you save precious time, we’ve reviewed our own FlockDirect™️ service against some of the biggest and best names in the logistics game. Our latest breakdown: XPO’s guaranteed delivery service, XPO G! Guaranteed.

Overview of XPO logistics LTL services

XPO Logistics offers less-than truckload service to 99% of zip codes throughout the United States and has served the freight industry for over 30 years. Utilizing a network of 13,000 drivers, 8,000 tractors, and 25,000 trailers, the carrier accepts all types of freight, and offers multimodal transit options for shippers that need a more robust transportation solution. In addition to its guaranteed delivery services outlined below, XPO also offers a number of LTL-specific solutions, such as exclusive trailer use, remote service to rural or hard-to-reach locations, and a dedicated Customer Care+ account manager as your single point of contact for your LTL needs.

Premium service: XPO Guaranteed (G!)

Like many of its competitors, including FedEx and UPS, XPO offers a number of premium services that LTL customers can take advantage of for an added fee. One of these services is their guaranteed on-time delivery option, Guaranteed (G!). Intended for “high-value and time-sensitive shipments,” G! is intended to help businesses defray costly delays in production and expedite orders that need a bit of a boost.

There are two different versions of XPO’s Guaranteed service:

  • Guaranteed (G!) Service: XPO’s day-definite guaranteed service, G! promises end-of-day delivery within the standard number of days as determined by XPO. This option is available regardless of zip code, and costs a flat rate no matter how much your original shipment was quoted for.
  • Guaranteed by Noon (G!12) Service: This option provides priority morning delivery by 12:00 p.m. on your scheduled drop-off date, and is also charged at a single flat rate. The catch—the shipment’s final destination must be within 25 miles of XPO’s LTL service center from which the freight is being delivered.

With either option, Guaranteed offers flat-rate priority shipping through their standard LTL system. XPO promises priority handling, with your freight being flagged in their systems as top priority, as well as enhanced visibility within their network.

Perhaps most importantly to shippers, both services offer a double-fee money-back guarantee—but that doesn’t mean you get double the cost of your entire shipment back if it’s late. XPO’s money-back policy only refunds double the flat rate fee you paid for your chosen Guaranteed service. So if the current G! fee is $96, you’ll receive a refund of $192 in the event of a missed delivery.

Your shipment must be ready for pickup by 5 p.m. for Guaranteed (G!) or 3 p.m. for Guaranteed by Noon (G!12) to qualify. There are also exceptions to shipments eligible for XPO Guaranteed services. You cannot use G! or G!12 if your freight:

  • Requires a liftgate or temperature control.
  • Is Hazmat.
  • Weighs 20,000 lbs. or more.
  • Is rated or marked as a spot quote or Exclusive Use.
  • Is marked as Time Date Critical or Rapid Remote Service (G!12 only).

FlockDirect vs. XPO Guaranteed

 FlockDirect  XPO Guaranteed (G!)
 Uses FTL network for direct service  Standard LTL service via terminals
 Single on- and offload  Frequent on- and offloading
 Less handling = low damage risk  More handling = higher damage risk
 Request pickup appointment  Pickup by 3 p.m. or 5 p.m.
 Request delivery appointment  Delivery guaranteed by 12:00 p.m. or end of day
 Pooled direct freight = low carbon footprint  Multiple trucks = higher carbon footprint
 Dedicated account manager for each shipper  General LTL customer service department


XPO offers relatively standard fare in the world of guaranteed services. The biggest draw of XPO Guaranteed is its double-money-back guarantee—but, XPO only refunds your add-on fee for the service. While it’s great that you’re getting some extra cash back in your pocket, you’re still out of the total cost of your LTL shipment fee in the event of a missed delivery. On the other hand, Flock Freight® gives you complete control over your pickup and drop-off dates, so you can expect on-time delivery every time.

While XPO Guaranteed offers a speedier drop-off option with its G!12 delivery by noon feature, it still utilizes the LTL network, and therefore can only provide this service for zip codes within a very short range of their existing LTL service centers. Only FlockDirect transports freight via shared truckload (STL) service, the fastest, most cost-effective method to move LTL shipments. Flock Freight’s proprietary technology matches freight from multiple shippers with other freight that’s going the same direction, optimizing loads based on route and tapping into the TL network to find one truck that can haul them together. Each shared truckload is load to ride, meaning, instead of offloading at hub-and-spoke terminals and risking delays, the freight stays on the truck the entire time and travels directly to its destination. When your freight doesn’t stop, it arrives exponentially faster, and its risk of damage drops to below 0.01%. And since Flock Freight is a B Corp and an EPA SmartWay partner, you’ll be part of an industrywide movement to curb emissions and reduce your company’s impact on the environment when you ship via FlockDirect.

On-time, damage-free delivery is a click away. Get a FlockDirect quote on your next shipment and see the Flock Freight difference.