5 Logistics Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Oct 3, 2017
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It's important to seek out information on trends and industry news to stay competitive in the transportation industry. There are a plethora of logistics blogs out there that offer thought-provoking articles, white papers, and insights. Keep reading to learn about five of the best.

5 must-read logistics articles in the United States

  1. Logistics ManagementIf you're looking to learn more about third-party logistics for trucking companies, this blog is a great one to add to your reading list. It started as a printed publication in 1962 that now has expanded to the web. The blog regularly publishes posts full of industry insights and trends for logistics enthusiasts. Learn about everything from warehousing to global logistics to distribution centers. Recent posts have focused on topics like shipment rate trends, the impact of recent hurricanes on transit, and an analysis of reverse logistics.
  2. Supply Chain Management ReviewThis blog frequently highlights and discusses a vast range of logistics methodologies, such as Six Sigma and Lean, that can be implemented by shippers, truckers, and distributors. They also publish posts on strategic innovations and breaking industry news with an emphasis on information technology and predictive analytics. Experienced university-level professors write many of their articles. Recent posts highlight 3PL annual study results, transportation management, customer experience, loading dock safety best practices, and how to attract millennials to manufacturing.
  3. Logistics ViewpointsSince January 2009, logistics companies have been seeking out the data-driven information available on this analytical blog about all things Big Data. This blog features the latest logistics articles, supply chain reports, emerging technologies like drones, and technology trends offered by supply chain analysts. Contributors use their 25 years of knowledge and experience to deliver action-oriented articles that help logistics managers and companies improve and grow in both the long and short term. Recent posts focus on how to solve the driver shortage, rail freight, disaster relief fleet management, and showcasing sustainable companies.
  4. Supply Chain BrainThis think tank blog covers practically everything that has to do with the supply chain. The original and aggregate industry articles they publish will make you take a deeper look at how you run your supply chain. Executives turn to Supply Chain Brain when searching for new management solutions and trends to implement into their companies. Recent posts discuss driverless car innovations, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence in decision making, and companies like Amazon that offer one-day deliveries.
  5. The Flock Freight® BlogOur blog regularly delivers actionable supply chain and logistics information. As a leading LTL provider in recent years, we offer industry insights, simple explanations, and cost-saving solutions to logistics managers, manufacturers, suppliers, and shippers. Learn how our platform, FlockDirect®, operates and how shared truckload is changing the future of the freight industry. Get posts on things like how to streamline your supply chain, evaluate logistics providers, effectively manage freight claims, and stay up to date on industry trends.

Knowledge is power, especially in the ever-evolving world of logistics. Add these blogs to your weekly reading list to stay on top of logistics industry trends and innovations!