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8 February 2018


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Shipping is expensive. That’s why many small companies are opting to improve the bottom line by switching from their current shipping method to less-than-truckload (LTL) freight. Read on to discover how LTL shipping can save small businesses money while streamlining logistics at the same time.

1. Never again pay for unused cargo space.

Don’t waste your money on paying to run half-filled delivery trucks. With LTL shipping, your shipment will be combined with other deliveries. So, you’ll save money without having to handle the logistics.

2. Reduce warehouse costs.

Since you can send more shipments when you use LTL shipping, you won’t need to stockpile as many products at one time. This reduces your warehousing requirements and creates additional savings every month for your company.

3. Gain access to professional expertise.

Most small businesses lack dedicated in-house shippers. When small business owners use LTL shipping, they can take full advantage of the knowledgeable logistics professionals working at these companies to improve their practices.

4. Have support if you run into trouble.

Although no one wants to have damaged products reach their customers, LTL shippers can help provide the information you need to file an insurance claim or send a replacement item to your customer.

5. Get better shipping rates.

The lowest rates are typically reserved for the largest shippers. But when businesses use LTL freight through a freight consolidator, even the smallest company can get a good shipping quote.

6. Reduce your environmental impact.

Sharing space with other shipments significantly lowers your company’s carbon footprint and helps to keep the planet healthier.

7. Achieve quicker delivery times.

In many instances, LTL shipping may actually be a faster method for shipping your products. When you use LTL freight, you won’t have to wait for customers to place enough orders to fill up an entire truckload before shipping items out.

8.) Improve shipment security.

LTL shipping companies take security extremely seriously. Once you hand over your shipment to a professional LTL shipper, you can feel confident that your package will stay safe until it reaches its final destination.

9. Always know the location of your shipment.

Forget about dealing with the hassle of keeping track of your deliveries. Most LTL shippers have top-of-the-line tracking systems so you and your customers can keep your eyes on the progress of the shipment.

10. Access the newest shipping technology.

Many LTL shippers utilize the latest and greatest when it comes to shipping technology. Your business can benefit from these advances without spending any more money.

11. Offer customers a variety of delivery services.

Do you want to give your customers the option to choose liftgate or inside deliveries? The majority of LTL freight services provide a variety of different delivery options to meet the needs of you and your customers.