Our mission is to reimagine and reinvent the freight industry by relentlessly eliminating waste and inefficiency through algorithmic pooling. Pooled shipments do not pick up and deliver along inefficient LTL routes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions up to 40%.

Our proprietary product, FlockDirect, seamlessly pools multiple freight shipments on a single truck to create efficiencies for carriers, savings for customers, and a smooth experience for all. Our innovative algorithm would be nothing without our brilliant people, who obsess over growing our customer base, developing our carrier network, and improving our technology platform.

Flock Freight aims to fundamentally change the freight industry across North America with FlockDirect—one pooled shipment at a time.


If the entire LTL industry switched to FlockDirect, the annual environmental impact would be equivalent to:

Saving 5 billion gallons of fuel
Taking 9 million cars off the road
Powering 5 million homes

Flock Freight Leadership Team

Oren Zaslansky
CEO and Founder
Pete Price
Luis Saenz
VP of Engineering & Product
Kevin McMaster
VP of Carrier Sales
Justin Turner
SVP of Sales
Jeff Lerner
VP of Marketing
Peter Frys
VP of Operations

In The News

A Progressive Manufacturer Thrives Despite Coronavirus

Flock Freight, it turns out, is a very interesting logistics company that is working to transform the way freight is shipped in a way that benefits carriers and shippers.

Q&A: Flock Freight’s Founder on Reinventing LTL

Oren Zaslansky grew up in the trucking business, started a truckload company at age 21, moved on from there to a brokerage, and then decided he wanted to see how he could use technology to totally reinvent how we think about less-than-truckload freight.

Pandemic delivery stress drives demand for digital tools

Supply chain software vendors project44, Flock Freight see jumps in users and funding.

He Launched His First Startup With $1,000 And Just Raised $70 Million For His Latest Business

During our interview on the DealMakers podcast, Oren Zaslansky shared his inspiration to go into entrepreneurship, how he managed to bootstrap his first startup, learning to pitch VCs and the future of shipping.

Today’s Pickup: Flock Freight reaches 12,000 pooled shipments

Flock Freight, a logistics tech company that enables scaled freight pooling (the process of combining multiple loads onto one truck), today announced it has pooled more than 12,000 total shipments since 2017.

Flock Freight Prioritizes Shipping Essential Goods Via Digital Freight Platform

Flock Freight has pooled more than 12,000 total shipments, a 296% increase in pooled shipments between 2018 and 2019 by prioritizing its work with companies providing essential goods, such as food and medical supplies, and customers that have had to make significant changes to their business models.

News roundup, April 7: Senator wants $25k ‘heroes pay’ for truckers; driver appreciation at S.C. rest areas; free meals

The Flock Freight partial/LTL-consolidating brokerage platform launched a “Driver Care” program in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and in appreciation of risks professional drivers take to keep supply chains running and put food on tables.

Flock Freight nets $50M Series B to redefine LTL shipping

Hubless logistics company assembles “algorithmically created carpools” of LTL freight, to be shipped via full truckload.

Improving the logistics of trucking, San Diego’s Flock Freight raises $50 million

“We want to change the way freight moves,” says Oren Zaslansky, the chief executive and founder of Flock Freight.

Flock’s freight matching migrates LTL to truckload

A venture capital-backed freight broker wants to create carpooling opportunities for LTL by using technology instead of physical terminals to aggregate shipments.

To increase the likelihood of success you must strike a balance of taking big chances.

When defining success as an entrepreneur, it’s a fact that there are no shortcuts to how it can be achieved.

I think it’s a combination of trying to apply new technology to legacy supply

Read to hear what Flock Freight CEO Oren Zasklansky has to say about AI adoption in supply chain management.

What Flock is doing is truly transformative and the opportunity to

We’re excited to welcome Justin Turner to the Flock Freight leadership team as our new Senior Vice President of Sales.

The LTL shipping industry is ripe for an overhaul with Flock Freight

The single-solution shipping you’ve come to trust with AuptiX has gotten an upgrade. Introducing Flock Freight: the next step in our mission to revolutionize the way companies ship.

Oren Zaslansky

The LTL shipping industry is ripe for an overhaul, as slow service, paper logs, and missing goods have become the standard. The multi-billion-dollar industry and the millions of businesses it serves deserve modernization, and Flock Freight is well-positioned to make this happen, given our broad customer base, years of experience and proprietary technology.

Oren Zaslansky

Employee Testimonials

Oliver Lum
Oliver Lum
Senior Engineering Manager at Flock Freight

After working with literally dozens of organizations large and small, young and old, I can honestly say the ability to translate effort into impact here is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. This company depends in no small part on the hard work of literally every employee, and its rapid growth is a testament to the quality of those people I’m privileged to call my coworkers.

Alice Lumetta
Alice Lumetta
Account Manager at Flock Freight

Flock Freight has taught me what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourself. When you know everyone is equally dedicated to the company mission, you develop this new sense of purpose. The Executive Team has also created an environment where your voice can be heard and they are very transparent. Our CEO is very involved and always happy to chat with any team member. I am confident that Flock Freight has and will continue to equip me with the skills to further my professional career.

Riley Mangubat
Riley Mangubat
Growth Marketing Manager at Flock Freight

The purpose of Flock Freight is very easy to align with and the intentions of everyone involved are clear. The entire company operates like a team and everyone is held accountable for their work. In addition, the lively and upbeat working environment is complemented by fantastic office perks (awesome people, office two blocks from the beach, cold brew on tap, HIT classes on the roof, etc).

Tony Myers
Tony Myers
Sr. Software Engineer at Flock Freight

We have many really smart people coming together here trying to change the way the freight industry works and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity for the world.