Choosing Flock means choosing sustainability.

We’re on a mission to reinvent the freight industry by relentlessly eliminating waste and inefficiency.

We’re building a more sustainable future through our shared truckload solution by…


Combining shipments.

Reducing empty truck space slashes greenhouse gas emissions by 15-40%.


Shipping on direct routes.

Removing the need for terminals significantly reduces transit miles and carbon emissions.


Eliminating transloading.

Minimizing handling lowers damage rates—reducing waste caused by discarded and replacement products.

Learn how Flock calculates shared truckload emissions.

We measure customers’ shared truckload environmental impact and share performance metrics to improve accountability among shipping businesses (and drive down supply chain emissions). 

Download the guide to learn our process for tracking and analyzing STL emissions and access:

  • An updated STL calculation
  • A calculation for comparing the emissions of STL to less than truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL)

Maximize your business’s sustainability with carbon-neutral shipping.


Become a frequent flocker.

Complete 60+ shipments in a month and Flock will automatically apply carbon offset credits to all your FlockDirect® shipments the next month.


Add carbon-offset credits to your shipments.

For those that move less than 60 shipments per month, we offer the option to purchase carbon offset credits at $10 for every FlockDirect® shipment on a monthly basis.

For additional info, check out our FAQs.
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Flock Freight is a certified B Corp.

As a B Corp, we meet the highest standards for social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Learn how we’re building a more inclusive and sustainable economy in our Impact Report.

Our major impact milestones

SmartWay in September 2019

Partnered with SmartWay Transport Program to improve supply chain efficiency

B Corp in June 2020

Earned B Corporation Certification to prioritize our social and environmental impact as part of our triple bottom line

100% renewable energy in our offices in June 2021

Partnered with San Diego Community Power to achieve 100% renewable energy, sourced by local wind and solar farms, in our Encinitas campus

Climate Pledge in August 2021

Signed The Climate Pledge to reach net-zero carbon by 2040

Inaugural Impact Report in April 2022

Drove positive change for people and the planet in 2021 and outlined our plans for greater impact in the future

Our Flockers practice sustainability, too.

Ready to use your talent to champion a smarter, greener supply chain?


Sustainable transportation.

We offer subsidized public transit options and partial reimbursements for electric cars, scooters, and e-bikes.


Low-waste events.

We work to make internal events low-waste—sending as little trash to landfills as possible.


Recycle first.

We’ve supplied our offices with receptacles for recycling streams, compost, and, as a last resort, landfill.


Compostable dinnerware.

We’ve equipped our in-office kitchens with compostable dinnerware—for times when resusables aren’t available.

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