How to Submit a Claim

For lost or damaged shipments. 

Submit the Flock Freight Claims Form and be sure to attach the following documents before submission. If you have any questions please reach out to

  1. Original Manufacturing / Vendor Invoice​ – Displays the costs associated with your company making or purchasing the product (not the selling price or market value). This will be used to verify the valued amount of the product you are claiming for.
  2. Photos​ – Displaying the full extent of the incident that occurred. This will also be used to verify the packaging utilized.
  3. Repair Invoice (If Applicable)​ ​– ​Displays the costs associated to repairing damaged merchandise.

Notes to Ensure We Win A Claim:

  • Please make sure all freight is carefully inspected upon delivery. A lack of notation on the proof of delivery regarding any incidents, can result in a decrease in carrier liability.
  • For damage claims: if goods cannot be repaired, the freight and all packaging must be retained until the conclusion of the claim. Every effort will be made to handle your claim within a timely manner.

Payment Information:

  • For all invoices received associated to a damaged or shorted shipment – please complete payment in order for the carrier to review the claim submission. Prorated freight charges can be claimed for to recover these charges.
  • Once the carrier provides a claim settlement to resolve the incident, please allow a period of 1-2 weeks for processing and re-distribution of the settlement.

Our Recuperation Rate: ​Over 90% win rate, when an incident is noted by the consignee on the Proof of Delivery.