Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed Delivery

If you have a shipment that needs to be delivered by a specific date, we’ve got you covered.

Get a Guaranteed Delivery quote from Flock Freight today. We’ll make sure your shipment gets to its final destination by the date and time you need. Your transit time and delivery are guaranteed!

Request a Guaranteed Delivery

  1. Log into the Flock Platform and submit a quote.
  2. Under the Fulfillment Options section, navigate to the Guaranteed Delivery Options tab.
  3. Select the Date and Time by which your shipment needs to be delivered.
  4. Receive an email with your guaranteed quote!

*Some restrictions may apply. Refunds will be processed in cases where the original quote is accurately submitted with time to fulfill via guaranteed delivery, and your shipment is ready to be picked up on the specified day. Refund amount will be the difference between accepted “Guaranteed Delivery” rate and “Standard” rate offered for pickup date. Pickup times may need to extend to 5 p.m. in order to accommodate pickups.

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