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Freight Carriers typically add unexpected costs to increase the fee of your shipment. However, with Flock Freight, we do things differently with our freight calculator. The Flock Freight Shipping Technology uses sophisticated algorithms to source your LTL freight differently. But just because our algorithms are complex, doesn’t mean our technology is. Our LTL freight technology was designed with the end user in mind. From requesting a quote with our easy-to-use freight cost calculator to tracking shipments and reviewing your quote history, you can complete the entire shipping process yourself with no hidden fees.

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Freight Rate Calculator

Using our simple and user-friendly freight shipping cost calculator option, LTL shippers can get a freight quote in minutes! Just input your origin and destination zip codes, freight class, weight, and other freight information to receive an instant quote with our freight quote calculator. Your products will be transported safely with us.

Quote History

Review past quotes from Flock Freight quickly and easily using the Quote History section of our platform. The ability to quickly reference this will allow you to seamlessly compare quotes and get your freight shipped and in the hands of your customers!


Track your freight on the truck across the country in real time with our simple and easy-to-use freight tracking feature. Using this feature, you’ll be able to find out exactly when your freight arrives at its final destination.


Most LTL software tools don’t allow you to complete the shipping process from start to finish. The booking process typically involves a middleman facilitating the transaction. And although our Customer Success Team is here to answer any questions you may have, our tool is built to be completely self-service. So you can book shipments at your own pace, on your own time! Get low shipping costs and rates the delivery of your shipment today.

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