A Guide to Shared Truckload by Industry

By finding and filling empty truck space to create a shared truckload, Flock Freight helps shippers save and carriers earn more.

Food & Beverage




What is shared truckload (STL)?

Shared truckload (STL) is a freight mode that enables several shippers to share trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload. STL freight travels via optimized, terminal-free routes—saving money for shippers and increasing earnings for carriers.

What are the pros and cons of shared truckload?

Benefits of shared truckload include increased on-time delivery and reduced damages. A potential drawback for shippers is that flexible pick up dates may be needed to create an optimal shared freight load.

Is shared truckload the most popular mode of shipping?

Instead of choosing between less than reliable LTL shipping or full truckloads for less than full shipments, more shippers are turning towards shared truckload shipping to meet delivery expectations at a lower cost while avoiding the delays and supply chain issues found in other shipping modes.

Is shared truckload more affordable than other forms of shipping?

Shared truckload (STL) offers lower rates than truckloads that aren’t full—cutting costs for shippers up to 20%. Shipping STL also helps shippers avoid hidden fees and/or LTL corrections that make a dent in their bottom line.

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