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Discover more options for faster LTL shipping that see 8.7x less damage.

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Secure competitive rates.

Our buying power protects your bottom line by getting you the lowest less than truckload (LTL) carrier rates. Avoid unnecessary charges with Flock’s standard LTL shipping services.

Access to trusted carriers.

Leverage our robust network to match with top quality LTL carriers that adhere to your standards so you can move your pallets of freight with confidence.

Upgrade to STL for free.

With Flock, all LTL shipments have the chance for a free STL upgrade to our 99.9% damage-free, terminal-free FlockDirect™service.

What makes Flock’s LTL service different?

Our various modes give you an open-ended way to ship, because more LTL shipping options means more power to you. Ship freight LTL or swap to shared truckload (STL).


Receive dedicated support.

Get reliable support from your representative on everything—from quoting to tracking.


Get more mode options.

Diversify your freight with options you won’t get anywhere else. Have a time-sensitive or fragile LTL shipment? Upgrade to FlockDirect® to meet strict delivery appointments with less damage.


Book LTL in minutes.

Instantly book your LTL shipments online using the Flock platform—without speaking to a representative.


Track shipments in real time.

Make empowered business decisions by knowing your LTL freight’s exact whereabouts and delivery dates.


less damage.

Ship with less damages when you automatically swap your LTL to our shared truckload solution.


cost savings.

Don’t get stuck booking truckload shipments because of shrinking LTL size restrictions. Flock Freight gives you options to diversify your freight mix and only pay for what you need.


on-time service.

All your LTL shipments have a chance at upgrading to shared truckload service—with a 94% on-time delivery percentage at—no extra cost.

Customer testimonials.

“In December [2020], FlockDirect’s on-time percentage was 97%, compared to that of LTL, which was only 83%.”

Todd Birman
Waiākea Water

“We’ve dealt with many LTL costs. Whether we’re hit with accessorials or hidden fees, LTL has created headache after headache for us … Flock Freight found us at the right time and place. As we did more research, the company’s shared truckload service seemed to have an answer to many of the issues we were facing.”

Todd Birman
Berlin Packaging

“We have eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect. Wish we could’ve started sooner.”

Eric Wollasten
Titan Supply Group

Discover the Flock Freight difference.

See why our LTL shipping service is the best option for your business. After leveraging competitive prices, real-time tracking, and customizable mode options, you’ll never look back.

Keep your shipping options open.

Every business is unique, and LTL isn’t always the answer. Explore our other customizable shipping mode options below.

Optimize shipping with shared truckloads.

Our shared truckload (STL) service uses technology to pool freight onto an optimized multi-stop route. Only pay for the space you need and avoid delays by using efficient, hubless routes.

Reimagine full truckload shipping.

Our Instant Prebate program for TL freight ensures you only pay for the space you use—not the air floating around your freight. Ship TL when you need to, and STL when you don’t.

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