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Pooled Freight is
Smarter Freight

Start shipping smarter by pooling your LTL freight with FlockDirect. When you ship FlockDirect, your freight moves on a single truck, arriving on time, damage-free, and with lower carbon emissions.


Shipping with Algorithms,
Not Terminals

Damage Free
Your shipment travels to its destination on one truck, which means there's zero risk of damage or loss.
On-Time Delivery
Your shipment moves faster via full truckload service. One driver is responsible for delivering your freight on the date you select.
Less Carbon Emissions
By skipping all terminals, hubs, and out-of-route mileage, we have reduced carbon emissions by up to 40%.

Why is FlockDirect different than LTL?

We take your LTL freight and move it via full truckload service.

When we do use FlockDirect, it’s perfect for us. It’s nice knowing there’s no stopping along the way and that resonated with our executive team.

Mandeep Kaur
Order Manager

FlockDirect came through for us with flying colors. The rate beat my tariffed carriers’ numbers and the freight arrived very quickly. Excellent customer service, pricing and transit time.

Jeff Tannehill
Freight Manager

Service is great! FlockDirect picks up and delivers on time, ALL THE TIME!

Shanae Weeks
Warehouse and Freight Coordinator

Why is full truckload (FTL) better?

Your freight travels on a direct route and never leaves the truck until delivery.
One truck and one driver are held accountable for your load with FTL, whereas traditional LTL creates dependencies on multiple parties.
No on-and-off loading at terminals, eliminating the risk of loss or damage to your goods.
With trucks driving seven days a week, your shipment moves faster and arrives sooner.

With FlockDirect, your freight arrives on time, every time. Plus, our dedication to transparency means you’ll never get hit with hidden accessorial fees.

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Benefits of shipping with Flock Freight FlockDirect Standard
Full control over pickup and delivery dates
No damage caused by terminal or hub transfers
Up to $100,000 of damage insurance included
.001% risk of damage
No hidden LTL accessorial fees

Your seamless shipping experience is here. Get started today to see how pooling can streamline your logistics.