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Reimagine what it means to ship TL, with Flock Freight

The fastest, safest shipping mode is now more cost-efficient for you.
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Low damage rates

Gain peace of mind knowing your freight ships 99.9% damage-free with our TL service.


Still paying to ship air? Switch to our Instant Prebate program and save up to 20% on contracted TL freight, which moves via shared truckload.

Fastest delivery around

Exclusive use offers the speediest delivery on the market and keeps your customers happy.

What makes Flock Freight’s TL service different?

We’ve made your favorite mode even better with a cost-savings program, a vetted carrier network, and more.


Instant Prebate program

With this industry-first program, you receive the TL-quality service you know and love, while paying only for the truck space you need. Ship goods as soon as they’re ready. Minimize delays. Maximize cost-efficiency.


Vetted carrier network

Our trusted carrier network consists of companies with high safety ratings, sufficient insurance plans and positive track records.


Seamless API/EDI integration

The Flock Platform conveniently works with your TMS and existing processes to streamline workflows. Your systems are our systems.


Service optionality

Diversify your freight mix with options you won’t get from other providers. Have a shipment that doesn’t fill a truck? Book our tech-driven shared truckload service, FlockDirect™, for TL-quality service at a lower rate.

Damage rate
Keeping your freight intact means fewer delays and costs to repair and replace goods.
Of truckloads move unfilled
If your TL shipments are part of the majority that move with empty space, take advantage of Instant Prebate’s cost savings.
On-time service
Meeting strict delivery requirements is the key to avoiding OTIF fees and keeping your customers happy.

“My rep makes me feel like I’m their top priority and has worked beyond general expectation to help get through high pressure, short turnaround situations that were critical to us closing new distribution partners in Texas.”

Thomas Bentley
Spill Tackle

“[With Flock Freight®,] I have someone who works not just for me, but with me – like an extension of my logistics department.”

Gabe Anzaruth

”I appreciate that our Flock Freight rep builds relationships with our warehouse managers and sets up appointments within 24 hours. With Flock Freight, I never have to wonder if my shipments are good to go. Plus, the team’s always on top of any issues that arise.” Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright
Waiākea Water

Discover the Flock Freight difference.

See why our TL service is the best option for your business. After leveraging system integrations, Instant Prebate’s cost savings and customizable mode options, you’ll never look back.

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Want to keep your shipping options open?

When TL isn’t the answer, diversify your freight mix with Flock Freight’s other shipping mode options.

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