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Full truckload,

Are you paying for a full truck, but not using the entire trailer? With shared truckload, you get the same full truckload service that you know and love while paying only for the deck space you need.



Shipping with algorithms,
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On-demand shipping
Stop waiting to fill an entire truck. Ship your freight when it’s ready to go with shared truckload service.
On-time delivery
You choose your pickup and delivery dates at the time of booking, and our team supports the process from beginning to end.
Reduce waste
By sharing trailer space with another shipper, you're reducing empty truck space.

Deliver value to your customers

With FlockDirect, you'll guarantee shared truckload service. You'll never have to wait to fill an entire truckload again.

With FlockDirect’s hubless program, we’ve been able to increase our pallet count per order on our outbound shipments to customers. All due to your competitive pricing with increased volume.

Eric Wollaston
Traffic Manager, Titan Supply Group

When we do use FlockDirect, it’s perfect for us. It’s nice knowing there’s no stopping along the way and that resonated with our executive team.

Mandeep Kaur
Order Manager, Visions Quality Coatings

Benefits of shared truckload

Get guaranteed shared truckload service and only pay for the space you need.
Reduce carbon emissions by filling trucks to capacity and maximizing fuel usage.
Get your freight to your customers on time, every time.
Move freight out of your warehouse quickly, to make room for more products.

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