Looking for the best shipping rates on freight? Flock Freight’s LTL freight calculator technology is backed by the purchasing power of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses across the United States providing the most competitive rates in the industry. This extensive network allows us to pass on reduced freight costs that are typically only available to large companies – so that you can ship your freight confidently and efficiently (without breaking the bank!). We got instant freight solutions for you. Let Flock Freight help relieve the stress of LTL shipping.

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Shipping Freight Rates Depend On:

Desired Pickup Date

 The more lead time we have on your shipments, the lower your price will be. Getting a cheap freight quote is as simple as that! If you have a last-minute LTL shipment and need a same-day pickup, your instant shipping quote will still be at a low rate. But if you can plan ahead, we’ll have more time to arrange your shipments and can give you an even better quote.

Freight Lane

Your pickup and destination locations also play a role in the freight quote you get. Some shipping corridors are just more expensive than others! Luckily for you, when you ship with Flock Freight’s freight carriers, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the lowest freight shipping rate possible.

Location Type

It’s a lot easier to pick up and deliver freight to addresses with a dock or forklift than it is to pick up and deliver freight to a school, home, or port with limited access. Our low cost freight shipping quotes reflect that.

Freight Type

Your freight quote will be reflective of the type of freight you are shipping. Quantity, total weight, packaging type, freight class, dimensions, and other factors will play a role in the quote you are given for your shipment.

Additional Services

Do you need unloading services? Blind shipment coordination? Load to ride accommodations? The inclusion of any additional freight services will also be reflected in your free quote.

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