Contract Rates

Zero-risk contract rates that keep on saving.

Never pay more, often pay less. Secure dedicated capacity while cutting costs by up to 20%.

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How do Flock’s contract rates save you money?

You lock in your rates and tell us your weights and dimensions. Then we convert your 10-44 linear ft, less than 36,000 lb shipments to shared truckload—automatically saving you money based on your load size. 100% risk-free.

Up to 28 Linear Feet
Save between 20-50% on shipments up to 28 linear feet, or up to 24,000 pounds, when your truckloads are converted to shared truckloads.
Up to 44 Linear Feet
Save between 15-35% on converted shipments up to 36 linear feet and roughly 10-20% on shipments up to 44 linear feet.

Why ship with Flock Freight?


Receive dedicated guidance.

Your Flock representative helps navigate the unique intricacies of your operation to ensure you succeed. When you work with us, we’re all in.


Integrate our tech seamlessly.

Our Flock Platform easily integrates with your TMS via API or EDI to streamline your workflows. If your enterprise needs custom integrations, we’ve got you covered.


Ensure supply chain efficacy.

By frequently reviewing performance metrics, we stay aligned with your business objectives to ensure a positive impact on your supply chain—and the planet.

Calculate Cost Savings

If your business used the Instant Prebate program for a month, you’d save:

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If your business converted its contracted truckloads to shared truckloads using the Instant Prebate program, you’d save:

Dollars per shipment
Dollars per month
Dollars per year
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Hear from our customers.

“Flock Freight’s customer service is superb. You can’t get that with other carriers. Plus, Flock Freight’s quarterly business reports show us numbers that no other carrier can.”

Ryan Wuerz
Dollar Shave Club

“We have eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect®. Wish we could’ve started sooner.”

Eric Wollasten
Titan Supply Group

“The FlockDirect service is great! You pick up on time, and you deliver on time. Plus, management is happy that we are saving money on freight rates.”

Shanae Weeks

“Working with Flock Freight has been an awesome experience from the start. We have increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions by 28% with FlockDirect.”

Tyler Wright
Waiākea Water

Ready to maximize your profit while saving the planet?

Optimize trailer space to improve your bottom line while reducing carbon emissions. Good for business and the earth.

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