How to bid on freight in the Flock Platform.

Use this guide to see how to enter your truck’s availability, find loads that match, and quickly bid on them.


Look for the “Get More Freight” button in emails from Flock Freight and in the Flock Platform.

Tip: Search your inbox for an email with a subject line containing “Loads from Flock Freight”


Enter all the dates and locations you have trucks available. Click “Save.”

Update your availability often so that you’re always sent new, relevant loads.

Tip #1: Click the list icon to add more locations. 

Tip #2: You can choose multiple dates for each location.

Tip #3: Entering a destination is optional. See more available loads by leaving your destination blank.


Loads matching your availability will appear below.

Click on a load to see more details and place a bid.


To place a bid, click “Bid Now” and submit your rate.

Your Flock Freight Carrier Representative will be instantly notified to give you a call and follow up.

Tip: Bidding online in the Flock Platform is the easiest way to get in touch with our team about a load.