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Hauling freight has never been so profitable.

Top off your trucks and earn 20% more per load with shared truckloads.

Find high-paying loads ↓

Earning more per load has never been so easy.

Work with a provider who can pay you more per load and provide access to high-paying partial freight.

Earn more, wait less.

Our easier-to-haul shared truckloads minimize out-of-route mileage and can pay $200 more per day than a traditional truckload. Plus, our tailored load suggestions help keep you moving and earning.

Keep your trucks full.

In addition to our truckload and LTL marketplace, Flock Freight® offers access to more partial freight options than anyone else. By booking shared truckloads, you maximize your trailer space with loads that pay an additional $0.20 per mile.

Book risk-free shared truckloads.

Rest assured, hauling our shared truckloads not only pays more, but our rates are guaranteed. If we remove a stop due to a customer change or error, you’ll still be paid the full, agreed-upon price from your rate confirmation.

From signup to booking, in 30 minutes.

Instantly access the only load board with less than truckload, partial, truckload and shared truckload freight — all on one easy-to-use platform.

Flock platform load matches

Get early load access.

Shared truckloads are available to you at least 30 minutes before other carriers.

Find high-paying freight 24/7.

Our free load board makes booking a breeze. Search from thousands of available loads and conveniently get recommendations sent right to your inbox.

Negotiate loads your way.

Submit a bid or book a load in an instant. No matter how you choose to score loads, Flock Freight empowers you to find the right freight to fill your trucks — anytime, anywhere.

Earn more with shared truckloads.

What if we told you multi-stop doesn’t have to mean multi-hassle? When you haul shared truckloads with us, you earn more money, pick from more load options and receive more support.

See how much you can earn hauling with shared truckload (STL).

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  • What is your average rate on a truckload haul?
Current average monthly revenue

By hauling a shared truckload, you could see:

Average rate per haul
Average monthly revenue
Increased revenue per month
Increased revenue per year

Haul with Flock.

“Flock Freight’s load board makes it very easy to book loads and their brokers are very pleasant to work with.”

Princess Hayes
Owner of J&P Logistics, LLC

“We love the experience. Our drivers love it. They would rather [haul shared truckloads] than take full loads or multi-stop loads. It works out really good for us.”

Dirk Fant
Safety Manager of HAUL IT RIGHT

“From booking through delivery, my [Flock Freight] representative always has my back.”

Jesus Triguero
General Manager of E & A Transportation

Start booking in minutes.

No more waiting weeks to get driver approval. We approve our carriers within 30 minutes of completing the certification process, so you can hit the road faster.

Learn more about our carrier solutions.

Whether you want to book shared truckloads on our free load board or receive personalized support from a representative, you can count on Flock Freight to set you up for success.

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