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Maximize your revenue by booking high-paying shared truckloads online in seconds.

The Flock Platform

Get access to a new market of freight and maximized earning potential, all at your fingertips.

With the Flock Platform, you can grow your business with instant access to thousands of high-paying loads you can’t find anywhere else. In seconds, our seamless interface shows you shared truckloads that match your capacity — from there, name your price or book now.


I can’t say enough about the way that Flock Freight has helped and continues to help me get loads for my trucks. With the kind of support and opportunities that Flock Freight provides, I believe that I can achieve my dream of growing a successful company.

Carolyne Makombe, owner of Kissah Express

Hauling with Flock Freight vs. the other market leaders

Higher profits for the same amount of work? That’s what makes shared truckload carriers’ mode of choice. We combine multiple shipments moving in the same direction to keep half-empty trucks and deadhead miles where they belong: in the past.

Benefits of hauling with…Flock FreightThe Competition
Access to exclusive shared truckloads
Less truck maintenance due to lower average shipment weight*
Optimized shared truckloads that reduce out-of-route mileage
Carrier-friendly multi-stop transit
Book shipments online in seconds via an easy-to-use platform
Approval to start hauling in 30 minutes or less


*Flock Freight cannot guarantee lower weight on all loads

Earn your way

Online Bidding
In the Flock Platform, you can negotiate rates that work for your business, including rates for our exclusive shared truckloads.
Instant Booking
When you find a load and price that fits your needs, you can instantly book the shipment to start earning right away.

How to get started


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Get approved within 30 minutes of completing your application


Start hauling!

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