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Our Encinitas origins

A lifelong Encinitas local, our Founder, and CEO, Oren Zaslansky, grew up in Leucadia and attended San Dieguito High School Academy. Today, Oren and his family live in Cardiff, just a few paddles south of his childhood home.

Oren has always seen Encinitas as a vibrant community with unmatched potential for growth, aspiring since childhood to establish a high-flying tech venture in the city. He was thrilled to bring the Flock Freight headquarters to downtown Encinitas in 2021.

To Oren, Encinitas is truly the most special place on Earth. Not only is the city chock-full of world-class talent, its residents are super passionate about where they live, what they do, and how they can make a difference.

Sustainability programs


Our shared truckload solution, FlockDirect, is the freight industry’s first carbon neutral shipping option that shippers can book at point of sale — for free. The carbon offsets we purchase for FlockDirect shipments support sustainable infrastructure change.


We recently signed The Climate Pledge and committed to working toward 100% companywide decarbonization by 2040. To get there, our organization will measure and report our greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis, implement decarbonization strategies, and achieve a net-zero impact via carbon offsetting.


We give employees monetary incentives to use sustainable transportation methods. From reimbursement for public transit costs to allowance for electric vehicle purchases, Flock Freight employees have a range of options to choose from for low-impact commutes.


We help our team and greater community learn about sustainability by publishing informational content and hosting events that show them how to take up greener habits, like recycling, composting, and being conscious consumers.

Meet the team

Hear what our team has to say

Megan Klehr, People Development Specialist

"All of our core values (“all in,” “be agile,” “empower others,” “think big,” “do the right thing”) are so incredibly important to us and we live by them both in and out of the office."

Suganth Krishna, Senior Software Engineer

"We are really passionate about what we do and are committed to delivering our features and products, hitting our deadlines, and assisting the company. Everybody is part of our mission and everybody is all in."

Madison Mercurio, Sr. Strategic Solutions Manager

"Working at Flock Freight has taught me to be courageous, to make mistakes, but never the same mistake twice."

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