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We can spend all day telling you about how Flock Freight is the best LTL freight shipping company in the United States. But we understand we may be a little bit biased. So don’t take our word for it! Check out what a few of our happy customers have to say:

We have found that even with multiple 3PL, LTL, and TMS logins, Flock Freight nearly always beats their rates by great margins and they use top quality carriers

- - Greenshield Organic

Our experience with Flock Freight has been nothing but smooth. The website is very easy to use - I can get a quote and book a shipment in minutes through their web portal. Every booking is followed by an email or phone call making sure everything went smoothly.

- - Hayden Shapes

On a recent inbound shipment that we quoted Flock Freight suggested that we get a large volume shipment quote instead, which did lead to significant savings over using standard LTL freight channels.

- - Torrid Water Heaters

I am incredibly impressed with Flock Freight. I still cannot figure out how they are so cheap, but I save a ton of money shipping with them. Usually, low price comes with a sacrifice in service, but they have actually been the most responsive freight company I have ever worked with. The website is quick and easy to get a quote from, and when I have questions, there is a friendly voice on the phone that can help with quoting, billing, and everything in between.

- - Liquid Logic Kayaks

I have had such a pleasant and helpful experience with Flock Freight. For years my company has had an account with a huge freight company, so I had never really thought to compare its prices across the industry. Danielle and Amanda at Flock Freight have not only given the freight industry, in my experiences, a great attitude and speediness, but they have also provided me with unexpectedly low pricing

- - Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc.

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