Sustainability is at our core.

Flock Freight is a FreightTech company that’s creating a smarter, more sustainable supply chain.

Our patented technology finds and fills trucks’ empty spaces so shippers can save money, carriers can earn more money, and goods move terminal-free with fewer emissions.

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Flock Freight is a certified B Corp

As a B Corp, Flock meets high standards for social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Learn how we’re building a more inclusive and sustainable economy in our latest Impact Report.

We’re building a more sustainable future through our shared truckload solution by…

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Combining shipments

Reducing empty truck space slashes greenhouse gas emissions by 15-40%.

Shipping on direct routes

Removing the need for terminals significantly reduces transit miles and carbon emissions.

Eliminating transloading

Minimizing handling lowers damage rates—reducing waste caused by discarded and replacement products.

Learn how Flock calculates shared truckload emissions.

We measure customers’ STL environmental impact and share performance metrics to improve accountability among shipping businesses (and drive down supply chain emissions). Download the guide to learn our process for tracking and analyzing STL emissions and access:

  • Flock’s STL calculation
  • A calculation for comparing the emissions of STL to less than truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL)
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Maximize your business’s sustainability with carbon-neutral shipping.

Become a Frequent Flocker.

Customers who sign up and reach a threshold of 60 total shipments (based on pickup date) for one calendar month will unlock carbon neutrality for all FlockDirect® shipments the following month at no extra cost to the customer. Eligibility is contingent upon having opted into the Frequent Flocker program prior to the end of the calendar month in which the 60-shipment threshold is met. The shipment count will be calculated based on the number of shipments picked up (any mode) within a calendar month and the carbon offsets earned will be applied only to FlockDirect® shipments that are picked up in the following calendar month. For additional info, check out our FAQs.

Flock’s AB1305 disclosure for Voluntary Carbon Markets