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Driving industry change and powering shared truckload service with top-tier talent and advanced algorithms.


Flock Freight exists to make the freight industry a better place for shippers, carriers, and the environment. Our goal is to end the tug of war between shippers and carriers by giving shippers top-tier shared truckload service and helping carriers maximize revenue with multi-stop loads. The environment wins as well, with our guaranteed carbon neutral service: FlockDirect. We offset the emissions of all FlockDirect shipments at no extra cost to our customers. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.


Our mission is to reimagine existing freight processes by relentlessly eliminating inefficiency and waste through shared truckload shipping. 

The freight industry is infamous for inefficiencies that are — in some cases — almost 100 years old. It’s time for a change that lets shippers move freight in a way that treats the environment and drivers with care. 



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All In
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Be Agile
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Empower Others
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Think Big
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Do the Right Thing


Chris Pickett

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin McMaster

VP of Carrier Sales

Pat Dillon

Chief Financial Officer

Luis Saenz

Chief Technology Officer

Oren Zaslansky

CEO and Founder



As the first and only B Corp in the freight-shipping space, our commitment to do the right thing doesn’t stop at the environment. We’re tackling initiatives across the board to build an inherently sustainable business model and a high-performance, high-care culture. 

Our pursuit to reinvent the freight industry would be nothing without our brilliant people, who obsess over growing our customer base, developing our carrier network, and improving our technology platform.

If you’re ready for a truly fulfilling career, check out our open roles below.

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