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Walkboard Express increased on-time delivery by 25%.

This national moving and storage shipper is slashing costs and improving LTL and partial delivery rates with Flock Freight.

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The search for a cost-efficient shipping solution

National employers, like Bloomberg, NuCompass Mobility and Meta (formerly Facebook), trust Walkboard Express to move their relocating employees’ household goods across the country.

For several years, Walkboard Express worked with major third-party logistics companies (3PLs) to transport goods, primarily via less than truckload (LTL) and partial truckload (PTL), but those partnerships fell short. Zigzagging routes and trans-loading led to frequent delays for Walkboard Express. Late deliveries resulted in individuals moving into empty homes without their belongings. To maintain customer satisfaction, Walkboard Express provided clients with interim household necessities, lowering the shipper’s profits.

Unsatisfied with LTL and PTL, Walkboard Express President Rob Vespa sought a solution that delivered on time, and turned to Flock Freight’s shared truckload (STL) service, FlockDirect. After delivering their first load with Flock Freight, Rob’s team knew they could rely on the provider’s guaranteed terminal-free solution to consistently deliver small and midsize shipments on time.

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“Flock Freight is avoiding hubs and delivering shipments on time. It’s helping us provide a better quality of service to our clients, and we’re winning more business because of it.”

Rob Vespa PresidentWalkboard Express

Leveling up with Flock Freight

Since switching to FlockDirect, which travels on direct routes and offers high on-time delivery (OTD) and pickup (OTP) rates, Walkboard Express’s OTD rates have increased by 25% and its OTP rates by 20%, compared to average LTL and PTL performance. Shipping with FlockDirect since March 2020 has also helped the company avoid over $600,000 in unnecessary costs they would have spent on partially filled truckloads, in addition to costs accrued giving customers interim household necessities.

Flock Freight consistently meets Walkboard Express’s high standards, helping keep its customers happy and its service rates high. The shipper also reaps sustainability benefits from its FlockDirect shipments. Shared truckload’s efficient use of resources and direct routes have helped Walkboard Express avoid over 965,000 pounds of CO2 emissions. Rob is particularly excited about how Flock Freight helps his company’s freight avoid terminals and that its OTD rates far surpass the rates of other providers they’ve shipped with.

While most of the loads they ship are FlockDirect, the Walkboard Express team feels empowered by Flock Freight’s service options. Depending on their needs, the team sometimes opts for standard LTL or PTL services, which generally cost a lower rate but are less direct than shared truckload. Flock Freight’s vast service offering enables Walkboard Express to have a customizable experience and remain agile in an industry that can fluctuate week by week.

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“Whenever we send out a request, we usually have a response within 15 minutes. Once we book a shipment, the BOL comes over five to 10 minutes later. We’re trying to get shipments moved, so the quicker we book them, the more likely they’ll get picked up the same day. We really enjoy working with Flock Freight, and we’re glad that we can count on your team.”

Leah Ellison Vice President of OperationsWalkboard Express

Walkboard Express’s Flock Freight experience

Moving goods with Flock Freight has made Walkboard Express’s shipping operations speedier and more cost effective than ever before.

The company’s Vice President of Operations, Leah Ellison, handles day-to-day booking via email and enjoys the Flock Freight platform’s quoting tool. With just a few clicks, Leah can go from requesting a quote to receiving a bill of lading (BOL).

As a busy entrepreneur, Rob appreciates the Flock Freight support team’s customer-centric approach, which gives him more time to focus on running his business.

Now that the Walkboard Express team has found a provider offering cost-effective, on-time shipping for their LTL and midsize freight, they know they can count on Flock Freight’s shared truckload service for the long haul.

“When there is an issue, somebody from Flock Freight is all over it, which is huge! With the other 3PLs we use, it’s our problem and that doesn’t work for me as a business owner. But with Flock Freight, I know somebody’s on it, so you’ve taken that off my plate.”

Rob Vespa PresidentWalkboard Express

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