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Can I add more than one user to my account?

Yes! With carrier teams, you can add multiple dispatchers to your account, allowing them to search for loads, place bids, and instantly book loads independently of one another. 

To create a team: 

  1. Set your password in the Flock Platform. You can find instructions on how to set a password here. Note: You can only add multiple dispatchers to your account if you have created a password. 
  2. Send your Flock Freight representative or our Carrier Support team (support@flockfreight.com) a list of dispatchers you’d like to add to your carrier team. Please be sure to provide the following information for each additional user:
    • First and last name
    • Email address (Note: All users must have a unique email address)
  3. Your dispatchers will receive an email to join the Flock Platform shortly.
  4. From there, you can create your team and set preferred lanes to locate more money-making loads for your drivers!
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