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Truck Driver Jobs

01.13.2020 | By Kevin McMaster | min. read

How and where to find the best truck driver jobs in the United States

Job hunting is no easy feat, especially if you’re a truck driver. Regardless of your experience or where you are in your career, you need to score a freight shipping job that’s safe and well-paying. 

Your employment choices make a huge impact on your life. Find better truck driver gigs by looking in 5 trustworthy places—and use this 4-pronged approach to find the perfect freight company for you.

5 places to find jobs as a freight carrier

Got the job hunt blues? It’s hard finding legitimate motor freight jobs. Turn to these 5 tried-and-true job resources to connect with more carriers in less time. 

1. Indeed

Indeed has a clean, simple platform that’s easy to use. You can upload your resume or cover letter ahead of time to make applying a breeze. 

2. Monster

Monster is a little less user-friendly, but it has hundreds of job listings for truckers. 

3. Specialty truck job boards

If general job boards aren’t your style, consider applying on specialty job boards for truckers. All Truck Jobs is a great site where you can upload a resume and let the carriers come to you. 

4. Personal connections

Personal referrals are one of the best ways to snag a job quickly. Put feelers into your network. Let other truckers know you’re looking for opportunities. You never know where the right connection will lead you. 

5. Bulletin boards and newspapers

If digital job boards aren’t working, take the old-fashioned route and look for jobs on bulletin boards or in newspaper classifieds. Truckstop bulletin boards are a great way to connect with local companies if you’d like to drive a regional route. 

6. Flock Freight

Flock Freight® has a network of 11,000+ active carriers. This is another great resource for truck drivers. Our digital freight broker services reduce drivers’ deadhead miles, putting more cash in your bank account with every truckload. 

4 things to consider to find a good truck driver job

Now, how do you sift through hundreds of truck driver jobs? This isn’t the time to settle for a job; evaluate each job opportunity with 4 criteria to make sure it’s a good fit. 

1. Safety

Safety comes first. Always check a trucking company’s safety record before you apply to a job. You never want to work for someone who prioritizes profits over your security. You can check the company’s safety record through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

Be sure to ask the company what kind of truck you would be driving, too. You want to have the most up-to-date equipment possible, both from a safety standpoint and for comfort. You’ll live in your truck for days on end, so make sure it’s a good fit for you. 

2. Pay

Pay is the big question, right? Most carriers pay truck drivers by the mile, but others pay hourly for freight shipments. Hourly pay is great: it gives you a little breathing room since it doesn’t pay by distance traveled. 

Keep in mind that transporting oversized loads, hazardous materials, or traveling on ice roads will net you higher pay. They come with more risk, though, and are better for more experienced drivers. 

Look at the carrier’s pay scale and make sure you understand it. See if you get regular bonuses or rate increases. That alone can help you decide if you’re torn between two job postings. 

3. Benefits

Pay isn’t the only consideration when you take a job. Look at the benefits. Do you get health insurance? Retirement? Life insurance? Paid time off? 

Some carriers may pay less by the mile, but offer better benefits. Look at the pay and benefits together to see the full picture. If you have medical issues and need good insurance, focus more on benefits. 

4. Travel time

How long will you be on the road for this job? Is it regional, where you’ll come home every week, or national, where you’re home a handful of times a year? This comes down to personal preference. If you have a family and a home, you might prefer regional routes that offer more predictability. 

Look at the carriers’ online reviews. What do other drivers say about this company? What do trucking forums say about this company? You’ll get a good idea of what it’s like to work with a freight company and if it’s the job for you. 

Rollin’ on the highway

The best truck driver jobs keep you safe, pay well, offer good benefits, and give you work-life balance. Look both online and offline for job leads and you’ll score new opportunities in no time. 

If you’re less-than-thrilled about the job hunt, you can always sign up to be a Flock Carrier. Flock Freight’s smart algorithm keeps your lanes full and handles everything for you. 

Focus on what you do best and let Frock Freight handle everything else. Join Flock Freight’s carrier network now.