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New on the Flock Platform: Get automatic load suggestions and team access

02.11.2022 | By Jesse Fulton | 2 min. read

Introducing high-paying shared truckload suggestions and bidding and booking access for your entire team.

The Flock Platform has empowered you to book and haul high-paying shared truckloads (STL) online in seconds. Now, your favorite STL load-booking tool puts even more power in your hands. 

Prepare for an easier-than-ever booking experience with our new features: 

  • Recommended shared truckloads
  • Carrier teams  

Recommended shared truckloads

Does searching for loads to fill your truck feel like a difficult game of tetris? With this new feature, you spend less time coordinating and planning partials, and more time hauling full trucks that maximize your pay. 

When you bid on a partial shipment, our technology instantly determines the best shared truckloads for you, presenting you with an opportunity to make the most of your haul. These recommended loads automatically cater to your driver’s origin and destination, and meet your trailer needs. Booking a recommended shared truckload fills your truck to capacity and pays you a higher rate than you’d receive for hauling a regular partial.

Simply bid on a partial shipment and our technology will provide the recommendations right for your fleet.  

Carrier teams

Want to see these new features in action? Sign up on the Flock Platform today.