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Meet the Flockers: Megan Klehr on having an at-work support system

1 September 2021


Flock Freight

Flock Freight People Development Partner Megan Klehr shares insight about her career transition, the perks of being on our team, and more.

Megan Klehr, Flock Freight® people development partner, gets our new employees jazzed about joining the Flock. She helps our new teammates set up all their systems, teaches both seasoned freight pros and beginners about our business, and gives them the foundational insight they need to hit the ground running in their new roles. 

To give you a peek into what life at Flock Freight could look like for you, we interviewed Megan about her role, big career move, and fondest memories.

Briefly describe your role as a People Development Partner.

Megan: The People Development Partner role is about creating connection and excitement while ensuring new hires have an exceptional onboarding experience. It includes everything from training to making myself available for all sorts of questions, making new hires feel comfortable, and addressing any issues or concerns. 

It’s all about setting candidates up to feel like they can be successful in their own right after they complete their training with me. My role is also about getting candidates really excited about this company. I want to help them solidify that they made the right decision to join Flock Freight.

Talk us through your career transition from Senior Account Manager to People Development Partner. 

Megan: I joined Flock Freight in April 2019 as a senior account manager, and I loved it! One of my mentors from my career pre-Flock Freight had transitioned into an HR role, so I learned about the impact she was having on new team members joining her organization, and it inspired me. Creating connections and building relationships has always fulfilled me, not only in my sales career, but in my personal life as well. 

As Flock Freight grew, I felt that I could provide value by assisting with onboarding and training. Having worked for the business for about a year at that point, I wanted to help others build their foundations, and feel like their seat holds value and plays a significant role in the company.  

Joining a new company is always exciting, but it can be intimidating at the same time! I brought the idea of transitioning from the sales team to the people team during my annual review, just after the pandemic hit. The transition definitely didn’t happen overnight, but my manager supported the idea entirely. In the months leading up to my transition, company leadership embodied Flock Freight’s “Empower others” core value, making me feel completely supported and empowered to bring my ideas and skills into my new role.  

How does Flock Freight show it appreciates its people? 

Megan: Flock Freight shows support in a lot of different ways. We not only provide awesome benefits — like tech perks, health and wellness coverage, commuter stipends, and unlimited PTO — we also offer Flockers the opportunity to make a great impact. A key part of our culture is creating a feedback loop, because when feedback is taken seriously, it helps grow relationships and foster an environment where curiosity and collaboration occur, encouraging all employees to bring their ideas to the table.    

All of our core values (“All in,” “Be agile,” “Empower others,” “Think big,” “Do the right thing”) are so incredibly important to us, and we live by them both in and out of the office. Flock Freight’s purpose is to create a better system for shippers, carriers, and the environment by moving shared truckloads. It’s what we’re all here for, but these core values embody our culture and how we move in our day to day. Our senior leadership team has done a great job upholding our culture, community involvement, and what we do as an organization. 

What’s one of your greatest personal memories of working at Flock Freight or participating in its culture? 

Megan: I think back to my first year at Flock Freight. We were a small, tightknit team. I also think of the strong camaraderie and the friendships that were created. There was always music playing and laughter — I never laughed as much in my entire life as I did at work. The culture is still very much like that, so I can’t wait to be back in the office with everyone again. 

I feel grateful to wake up every day truly excited to work. I’ve loved watching all of our efforts come to fruition in creating a world-class training program! I feel gratitude because we all have worked so hard to create something special, and to see it come to fruition is incredible. 

Something else that comes to mind is my new-hire class that starts every two weeks, and it’s inspiring to be an introduction to their journey at Flock Freight. During our happy hour on the last day in our Solana Beach office, Mel (SVP of People) shared a sentiment, saying something along the lines of, “You have the ability to create the impact that you want to have.” Not many companies will give you that opportunity. We value ideas, creation, and communication. Each person is valued on the individual level. That’s something that I don’t think a lot of companies offer. 

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday afternoon? 

Megan: I love to switch things up and do a lot of different things on the weekends — it keeps life exciting! My fiance and I have a dog who’s a Vizsla. We take him hiking, running, and swimming whenever possible. Taking quick daytrips or weekend trips is something we do often. One major plus to living in Southern California is the ability to hop in your car and go from ocean to desert to mountains to snow, all within a few hours! Julian and Idylwild are some of our favorite places to escape to for a change of scenery. A major perk of San Diego culture is living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve implemented a weekly yoga practice that keeps my mind and body connected.