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22 November 2017




Using proper packaging to move more product can help you increase sales and can save you money on shipping costs. Using pallets allows you to consolidate shipments, as they take up less room in the truck than stacked boxes. Pallets for freight also lessen the likelihood of lost packages. Keep reading to learn how to effectively pack pallets, minimize damage, and fit as much product onto a truck as possible.

Tip # 1: Pack Products Securely

Use new boxes without holes, crimps, or cuts. Fill each box, then pack it with bubble wrap, corrugated inserts, air pillows or packing peanuts, so there are no air pockets that will allow the product to shift during transport. The more fragile an item is, the more packing you should use. For example, if you’re shipping glass, put it in a structured container and make sure at least 30% of your box is filled with padding. If you have temperature-sensitive products, be sure to use the appropriate insulation materials.

Tape your boxes securely and affix your shipping label. Then, place any necessary stickers (i.e., fragile, team lift, or liquid) on the outside corner of the boxes, where they can be seen once the boxes are stacked on a pallet.

Tip # 2: Start Stacking

Pallets get reused often. Before you start stacking boxes, inspect your pallet to make sure the integrity of the boards is solid. Then begin placing heavy boxes first.

If your boxes are different sizes, stagger them on the pallet and fill in empty spots with smaller cartons. If the boxes are the same size, align them – and don’t let boxes hang off the side of the pallet. Make sure to distribute boxes evenly and use flat cardboard between carton rows for more stability.

Tip # 3: Finish Your Shipment

Once you have a base of heavy boxes, begin stacking lighter boxes on top. Once all boxes are in place, use corner beads to keep the boxes stable. Then generously use shrink wrap to bind all your stacked boxes together, stopping at the midpoint on the pallet. Be sure to leave enough space for a forklift to move the pallet onto the truck. Pallet seem wobbly? Secure nylon straps over the top of the stacked boxes for more stability.

Always use the best packing practices, outlined above, to maximize truck space, save on shipping, and minimize damage.