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It’s here! Carbon neutral shipping for your business

02.21.2021 | By Katherine Stolin | 3 min. read

Answers to your most burning questions about carbon neutral freight service

Flock Freight®, the first and only B Corp in freight shipping and the sole provider of technology-backed shared truckload service, has become the first over-the-road shipping company to offer carbon neutral transportation at point of sale — for free.

This change means that all FlockDirect™️ shipments are carbon neutral, effective March 1, 2021.

What are the benefits of carbon neutral shipping?

First, some context: Transportation is the No. 1 source of carbon emissions in the United States, and freight shipping accounts for 23% of this vehicle movement. We estimate:

  • Less-than truckload (LTL) shipping accounts for 65 million tons of America’s annual carbon emissions.
  • Truckload (TL) shipping accounts for 353-367 million tons of America’s annual carbon emissions.

Now, the climate impact of carbon neutral FlockDirect service on LTL and TL freight:

  • LTL: Converting all LTL shipments to FlockDirect would be equivalent to eliminating the amount of carbon emissions that power over 7.8 million homes.
  • TL: Converting all TL shipments that move with empty trailer space to FlockDirect would be equivalent to removing the same amount of carbon as 16.4 million football fields of forest.

We use metrics by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for all calculations.

With Flock Freight’s carbon neutral offering, shippers and carriers can lower their respective carbon footprints and meet business objectives for supply chain sustainability.

How does Flock Freight guarantee carbon neutral shipping?

All FlockDirect shipments move via shared truckload service. To provide carbon neutral shipping, we supplement the emissions reductions of FlockDirect shipments with a carbon offset program, in partnership with Carbonfund.org

Here’s how it works:

  1. Our eco-friendly shared truckload service reduces carbon emissions by conserving fuel, removing the environmental risks of remaking (then reshipping) damaged goods, and eliminating the need for resource-intensive LTL facilities.
  2. We erase the remaining environmental impact of each FlockDirect shipment by supporting Carbonfund.org carbon offset projects. Every time a shipper books FlockDirect, we buy carbon credits that offset the impact of the associated fuel emissions — at no extra cost to the shipper. To see how we calculate shared truckload and carbon neutral emissions savings, read this blog.

We’re currently supporting Carbonfund.org’s climate-change fighting Truck Stop Electrification Project, which uses an IdleAir device to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight trucks. With this device, truck drivers can access all of their cabs’ electric functions during rest periods without idling their engines. As an added benefit of this project, drivers get better sleep without the noise, vibration, and exhaust fumes of idling.

Can you provide proof that my shipments are carbon neutral?

Carbonfund.org records the serial number of each carbon offset that Flock Freight purchases. As a result, Carbonfund.org can send letters of verification to FlockDirect customers as proof of their net-zero shipping emissions.

As a shipper, how do I participate in carbon neutral shipping?

To receive completely carbon neutral freight service without any added fees, our customers just need to choose FlockDirect, our option for guaranteed shared truckload shipping. To support carbon neutral freight transportation, our carriers just need to run multi-stop shared truckloads for Flock Freight. There’s nothing else to it.

Why did Flock Freight decide to offer carbon neutral shipping?

We believe shippers and carriers deserve a more sustainable way to move freight, one that can help them reduce their organizations’ CO2 emissions by thousands of tons. Plus, we’re an environmentally responsible B Corp that thinks offering carbon neutral shipping is the right thing to do. 

We look forward to building a more sustainable future together.

If you have any questions about mitigating your climate impact with carbon neutral shipping, please email carbonneutral@flockfreight.com.

Choose FlockDirect to reduce your business' environmental impact with carbon neutral shipping.