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Flock Freight’s 2022 Impact Report

21 June 2023


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As a certified B Corp, we’re relentless in solving freight inefficiencies so both shippers and carriers see better outcomes and the industry reduces its environmental impact.

While our full 2022 Impact Report transparently shares details on all of our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact, this article covers a high-level overview of our progress in key areas.

Making sustainability profitable for all.

Freight trucks are a leading contributor of the U.S. transportation industry’s greenhouse gas emissions, emitting 428 million metric tons of carbon a year.

To make matters worse, far too many of these trucks travel with significant empty space – wasting profits while unnecessarily burning diesel fuel. 

“Every second of every day, freight trucks move the vast majority of goods across the U.S.,” shares Flock Freight’s Founder and CEO, Oren Zaslansky. “Every second a truck moves half-empty, we lose precious time in the race against the climate crisis.“

The simple solution to this complex problem? Keep trucks full. Thus, we developed our sophisticated freight technology.

By combining multiple shippers’ freight headed the same direction with carriers driving that way, our shared truckloads (STL) lower CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions by up to 40% compared to traditional shipping methods by:

  1. maximizing trailer usage to minimize the unnecessary burning of CO2e
  2. reducing fuel waste by finding utmost efficient routes and avoiding wasteful idling and damage at terminals
  3. preventing product waste by minimizing transloading-related damage and the need to discard or reship goods

… all while cutting shippers costs by up to 20% and earning carriers up to 25% more per haul.

Every time we use our freight tech to pool shipments and fill a truck, we prove that sustainability doesn’t need to be a sacrifice or an added expense. In fact, it’s a key driver of growth and profitability for all involved.


Environmental impact initiatives.

In order to meet our ESG impact goals, we made changes internally within the company, such as committing to the highest standards of legality and better managing energy and waste in our offices.  We also brought more people into the race against the climate crisis by helping other businesses eliminate and neutralize their CO2e emissions through freight pooling and carbon offset purchasing.

Pursuing global certifications and pledges.

Committing to drastically reduce our environmental impact, we’ve: 

  • signed The Climate Pledge: pledging to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040
  • become a mission-locked Public Benefit Corporation: protecting our purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide
  • achieved Certified B Corporation status: meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance as one of the few certified B Corps in the freight industry

Pooling freight at scale.

Wholeheartedly believing that sustainable shipping is a pillar of an environmentally friendly economy, we created our core offering, STL, to make it easy for customers to reduce their CO2e emissions. 

By pooling freight with STL instead of traditional shipping methods, in 2022 alone, companies like Orgain saved 701 metric tons of CO2e and Waiākea Water saved 381 metric tons of CO2e.

In total, last year STL prevented 34,000 metric tons of CO2e from being released into the atmosphere — the equivalent of preventing 87,160,660 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle. 

Neutralizing carbon with offsets.

To counterbalance the remaining CO2e emissions of FlockDirect® shipments, we purchased carbon credits, offsetting 35,000 metric tons of CO2e last year.

Converting our offices to 100% clean energy.

With coal, natural gas, and petroleum power plants accounting for 99% of the U.S.’s total electricity-related emissions in 2020, we are proud to say that, as of 2022, both our Encinitas, California and Chicago, Illinois headquarters now run 100% on renewable energy.

Effectively reducing waste.

To help create a zero-waste future, in 2022 we:

  • diverted ~5,400 pounds of food waste from landfills
  • supported three waste diversion streams, including soft plastics recycling
  • opted for compostable, low-plastic, and 80%+ post-consumer recycled kitchen and office supplies
  • enhanced our waste management knowledge with sustainability trainings and informative events


Social impact efforts.

We strive to cultivate a values-driven culture and thriving company that is sustainable, diverse, and united. To do so, we:

  • embrace and encourage differences amongst our employees
  • enhance the communities we operate in
  • work to do good in the world at large

Prioritizing employee diversity and equity.

“You don’t quietly whisper our values. You scream them and, most importantly, you live them,” declared Flock’s CEO, Oren, while on Manifest 2023’s sustainability panel.

Thus, in 2022, we introduced or refined 13 programs, procedures, and platforms dedicated to employee diversity, equity, and wellness, including:

  • actively training new hires, managers, and recruiters to combat bias and promote inclusivity
  • offering up to 16 paid weeks off for birthing parents
  • covering travel expenses for employees and companions seeking abortion who live in states that prohibit such care
  • transitioning to a hybrid work model to support employee needs and autonomy
  • providing paid time off for employees to volunteer for causes important to them
  • celebrating each Heritage Month with educational events
  • hiring outside of the freight industry to cultivate a team with broader perspectives
  • and more

Assisting our communities.

We volunteered time or made philanthropic donations towards numerous community programs, including: 

  • packing over 44,000 meals and raising $12,200 to feed families in need
  • restoring lagoon, beach, and river habitats
  • working on a nonprofit community farm
  • ‘adopting a family’ in need, helping provide them with household necessities


Looking to the future.

While our full 2022 Impact Report delves into our ESG impact progress thus far, we commit to do more – to help reduce not only our environmental impact but help other businesses do the same and to continuously implement opportunities for social progress.

In our pursuit towards climate health and social justice, our goals for 2023 and beyond include:

  • exponentially pooling more freight
  • promoting accountability within and outside of Flock
  • further reducing and diverting our waste
  • expanding our Frequent Flocker and carbon offset add-on programs
  • amplifying community-building efforts


Transform your businesses’ sustainability impact with Flock.

Caring for the earth isn’t about choosing sustainability over profitability or tomorrow’s technologies over today’s. It’s about creating incremental solutions that make choosing the planet not only easy, but smart.

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact, a simple way you can make a big difference is by pooling freight with our shared truckloads (STL).

If you’re a shipper, book a demo to see exactly how Flock can reduce your business’ environmental impact.

Are you a carrier? Haul STL with Flock.

Together, let’s create the better world we dream of.