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How carriers can save time and earn more with our new online bidding feature

02.08.2021 | By Kevin McMaster | 3 min. read

Everything you need to know about bidding (and winning) in the Flock Platform

If you’re a carrier that drives with Flock Freight®, allow us to take you on a journey: One of your trucks is delivering a shipment and you’re reaching out to different freight brokers to find a new load. This process drains you, not only because you find yourself having the same conversation multiple times, but also because there’s so much back-and-forth, especially when it comes to negotiating rates.

We’ll stop you there.

If this scenario sounds familiar, we want you to know there’s a better way to fill your trucks, one that allows you to earn more: Flock Freight’s new online bidding feature.

What’s online bidding, and who’s it for?

Online bidding is part of our app, the Flock Platform, and is your key to winning high-reward loads (including multi-stop shared truckloads) — all on your own.

With online bidding, you can:

  • Find loads.
  • Submit bids.
  • Keep your trucks full and on the road.

Only carriers in the Flock Freight network can bid in the Flock Platform.

If you don’t yet drive with Flock Freight, get started by:

  1. Visiting flockfreight.com.
  2. Hovering over “Get Started” and selecting “For Carriers.”
  3. Submitting your information, then checking your inbox for a registration link.
  4. Completing your registration.
  5. Viewing your email invitation to start finding loads and bidding online.

Why use online bidding?

Here are some of the benefits of online bidding:

  • Convenience, efficiency, and ease: Online bidding transforms the exhausting and drawn-out load-searching process into a delightful online experience, making it more convenient (and faster) than ever to find, bid on, and win freight with just a few clicks. 
  • Complete control: Online bidding gives you the power to fill trucks your way. If you tell us your truck locations, trailer types, and availability, then we’ll send you matching loads. From there, you can name your price and submit bids.
  • First dibs: When you make bids in the Flock Platform, you get front-of-the-line access to available matches. You’re the first to see new loads, which we send to you in daily emails.
  • Dedicated support: Online bidding is the fastest way to connect with our team. Once you submit a bid, your Flock Freight Carrier Representative immediately receives a notification to follow up with you.
  • Higher revenue potential: Our streamlined process lets you bid on — and win — more loads than ever before. Plus, it’s the best way to earn more per mile with multi-stop shared truckloads.

A note on the potential for higher revenue: Multi-stop loads, especially shared truckloads, offer higher revenue because they pay carriers more than standard one-pick, one-drop freight. Bidding online with Flock Freight helps you find and run these multi-stop loads.

How does online bidding work?

Once you’ve completed your Flock Freight registration, follow these steps to start bidding online:

  1. Click the “Get More Freight” button in emails from Flock Freight. 
  2. List your available origin/destination points, trailers, and dates.
  3. Browse your matches and get the first pick on loads – including high-paying, multi-stop shared truckloads. 
  4. Bid on loads with your desired rate and submit. Your Flock Freight Carrier Representative will quickly follow up with you.
  5. Move more loads and maximize revenue flow.

For more details, visit our guide to bidding in the Flock Platform.

That’s it?

That’s it! As you can see, online bidding is a cinch.

In summary, online bidding is the tool you’ve been missing to move freight your way. When you search for loads and submit bids online, you:

  • Find freight fast — without waiting for phone calls from brokers.
  • See matches before anyone else.
  • Alert our team to contact you.
  • Win more freight — especially shared truckloads — and increase your revenue potential as a result.

Make sure you’ve registered as a Flock Freight carrier and provided your primary email address to start using online bidding. New loads are waiting for you!

Take control of filling your trucks and driving revenue with online bidding.