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Haul the most profitable loads on the market with shared truckload

10.07.2021 | By Min Kim | 5 min. read

Ditch the pitfalls that come with traditional freight modes, and opt for one that gives you the biggest bang for your time and effort. You’ll never look at booking truck loads the same way again.

In today’s economy, e-commerce and convenience are so commonplace that consumers give little consideration to the hard work that takes place behind the supply chain curtain. Moving goods across the globe in a timely manner is no easy task. By giving consumers easy access to everything they could ever want, carriers make the freight world go round. 

Flock Freight® rewards carriers for their valuable time and energy with shared truckload (STL). Below, we’ll break down why you’ll want to ditch your current shipping mode for STL, and by the time you’re done reading, you’ll understand why so many carriers are making the switch.

The pitfalls of your current mode

A broken box sits in a pile of cardboard boxes

Whether you’re used to shipping with TL or less-than truckload LTL, there are drawbacks to hauling shipments with these modes that you may not have considered before. Let’s discuss these modes’ shortcomings:

Truckload: TL is a shipping mode in which one truck transports freight from a single shipper directly from the pickup location to the drop-off location. In a perfect world, driving TL shipments would mean having a truck that’s filled to the brim with freight because it’s efficient and makes the best use of your truck space. In reality, “full truckloads,” as some call them, aren’t always full. Midsize freight shippers often pay more for TL because it gives them their best chance of delivering freight intact and on time. But as the name suggests, midsize freight doesn’t fill up an entire truck, exacerbating the less-than-full truck issue.

On top of that, as a truckload carrier, you can’t access available LTL truck loads when you’re in the TL market, so even if you have empty space, filling it with a smaller load isn’t an option. One thing’s for sure: Where there’s space, there’s a missed opportunity to make money.

Less-than truckload: Traditional LTL is a shipping mode that zigzags freight through the antiquated hub-and-spoke system. It is, however, easy to find truck loads available with traditional LTL. This mode’s notoriety for wasting time and resources doesn’t end at its lack of delivery route optimization; by trans-loading shipments at multiple facilities during transit, the LTL method’s susceptibility for freight damage and slow delivery is sure to lower your customers’ satisfaction rates. 

Each of the above modes has their unique drawbacks, but one thing they’ll always have in common is they don’t maximize revenue potential for carriers.

STL helps you kick these pitfalls to the curb while still finding truck loads that are available and worth your time. 

STL: a smoother road to higher revenue  

Truck driver holding a clipboard smiles, standing in front of the nose of a truck

If you had the opportunity to build a freight mode that puts you first, it would look something like shared truckload. Here’s why: STL addresses virtually every pain point you’ve dealt with hauling LTL and TL freight, and it provides you with additional benefits you never knew you needed.

Before diving into the specific perks of shared truckload, it’s important to understand what makes this mode so unique to begin with. STL is a mode that strategically pools freight from multiple shippers into one multi-stop shared truckload before you pick up the first shipment, helping you make the most of your truck space and maximize your profits. Unlike traditional consolidation methods, our shared truckload solution is built to make good use of your time instead of wasting it with long dwell times and lower revenue. Offering levels of functionality and profitability you can’t find with other modes, STL is the kind of optimization solution the trucking industry has been ripe for.

Here’s how STL will streamline your processes and make your job easier:

  • Higher profits. The ability to fill your truck to capacity with loads that pay more than standard one-pick, one-drop freight means you’ll make more money than ever before. Your hours of service may be limited, but your profit potential won’t be.
  • Route optimization. Wave goodbye to the outdated hub-and-spoke system and say hello to efficient routes that, like TL, only require stops at pickup and drop-off locations. Our technology pools shipments going in the same direction, resulting in quicker delivery times than traditional freight planners could ever achieve. 
  • No trans-loading. Terminals are a thing of the past. Using a last-in-first-out (LIFO) method, freight won’t leave your truck until it reaches its final destination. Less hassle for you, lower damage rates for your customers.
  • Real-time tracking. Load-tracking automation allows you and your customers to see the location of shipments in real time — a perk that’s no longer exclusive to private fleets.
  • Untapped loads. When shipping with STL, there’s no shortage of high-profit truck loads. Truckload carriers, you’ll gain access to the LTL freight market, which has less competition and more truck loads to choose from than the TL market. 
  • Truck-friendly cost savings. Our multi-stop loads oftentimes fill your truck with lighter freight, which takes less gas to transport, reducing fuel costs. STL loads also reduce the amount of miles you’d traditionally spend zig-zagging through the hub-and-spoke system. Fewer miles driven equals less wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Stress-free scheduling. Constantly fretting over your ETA? Our multi-stop loads account for wait times, dock hours, and other crucial factors, ensuring your load is well-scheduled and easy to run.
  • Lower carbon emissions. Whether you’re on a mission to save the planet or simply want to lower your transportation costs and comply with new government regulations, STL’s efficient truck routes and pooling technology cut carbon emissions significantly, making efficient use of your fuel and truck mileage. On top of making shared truckload’s environmental impact lighter than that of traditional modes, Flock Freight offsets the remaining impact with credits purchased through Carbonfund.org, making our STL service carbon neutral.

diagram illustrating the increased earning potential shared truckload offers when compared to one-pick, one-drop freight, which has limited earning potential

What makes working with Flock Freight particularly easy is our Flock Platform, which gives carriers instant access to thousands of high-paying loads you can’t find anywhere else. In seconds, our seamless interface shows you shared truckloads that match your capacity, and from there, you can name your price or book the load. By sending matches to your inbox daily, allowing you to bid on and book loads, and helping you earn more per mile, the Flock Platform is your portal to a faster workflow.

A screenshot of the Flock Platform interface, with button options to "book now," "bid," and "not interested"

The Flock Platform


It’s one thing to hear it from us. Take it from a fellow carrier that’s grown their business sixfold, and see what hauling shared truckloads is like for them.

Flock Freight’s proprietary algorithms enable us to be the first and only company in the trucking industry to offer optimized multi-stop loads. You can’t get the seamless, highly profitable shipping experience STL offers truck drivers anywhere else. Join our valued carrier network and hit the road running today.

Earn more per mile by hauling shared truckloads today.