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Earn 20% more per haul with shared truckload

07.01.2022 | By Min Kim | 4 min. read

Learn why freight carriers prefer high-paying, risk-free shared truckloads over traditional truckloads.

Supply chain magic makes items seemingly appear out of thin air, but carriers are all too familiar with the hard work that truly happens behind the trucking industry’s curtains. 

From navigating freight load boards and covering trucks to getting paid for a job well done, truckers and dispatchers work tirelessly to expand their operations. So, it only makes sense that carriers work with partners who provide them with loads worth hauling. 

That’s where shared truckload (STL), your new favorite freight mode, comes in. By paying you more and guaranteeing pay rates, shared truckloads have your back.

Score higher pay rates

Truck drivers who haul shared truckloads generally make more money than ones who haul truckloads. 

Here’s why: With shared truckload, Flock Freight® combines multiple shippers’ freight onto a single, multi-stop truck in real time. By filling trucks with a combination of small and midsize freight, drivers can top off their trucks and make use of all their deck space, resulting in sky-high revenue.

Hauling a shared truckload over a comparable one-pick, one-drop truckload can increase a trucking company‘s revenue by*: 

  • 20% per haul
  • $200 per day
  • $0.20 per mile

With shared truckload, your profit potential is limitless. The ability to fill your trailer with loads that pay more than standard one-pick, one-drop freight means you’ll make more money than ever before.

Book risk free, guaranteed

When booking freight on a truck load board, the last thing you should worry about is whether the rate you agree to will decrease. Rest assured, hauling our shared truckloads not only pays more, but our rates are guaranteed. 

The rate we agree on is the rate we’ll pay you. If we remove a stop due to a customer change or error, you’ll still be paid the full, agreed-upon price from your rate confirmation.

The one catch with shared truckload is you can’t just find available loads from any traditional freight broker or matching service; Flock Freight is the only provider offering high-paying shared truckloads at scale and giving you peace of mind with guaranteed pay.

*Based on an analysis of over 4,000 shared truckloads over a six-month period in 2022.

Start booking high-pay, no-risk shared truckloads on our free load board today.