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3 Simple Ways to Save on Shipping in 2018

03.26.2018 | By Justin Turner | 2 min. read

When was the last time you evaluated how you ship your products? Chances are good it’s been a while. Cutting down on shipping costs is a great way to increase profitability, but most business owners don’t know what money-saving changes to make. Keep reading to learn three simple tips that can help you cut your shipping expenses.

Optimize Your Packaging

Using oversized boxes and unneeded filler can cost you thousands of extra shipping dollars per year. You can eliminate these excess shipping costs by using the smallest box possible and by reducing protective material to the least amount needed to keep your products safe and sound. If your company ships numerous similar-sized products or has unique packaging needs, you may want to invest in custom boxes to reduce shipping expenses.

Choose LTL Shipping

Less-Than-(Truck)load shipping, often called LTL shipping, is a viable solution for any business that has goods to ship but doesn’t have enough to fill an entire truck. By combining your packages with shipments from other businesses into a single load, you’ll save money and enjoy lower fees. LTL shippers offer unique handling services such as lift-gate loading and unloading, flexible scheduling options, and hazardous materials handling. Because you can ship with more frequency, opting for LTL can also help you reduce the amount of warehouse space you need, further lowering your overhead.

Compare Quotes

Choosing to ship during off-peak days can save you a significant amount of money. Why? Most shippers offer steep discounts on fees when they experience lower than average volume and need to fill trucks quickly.

Off-peak times vary by location and time of year, so use a free online quote tool to price check multiple days and find your best price.

Many businesses find themselves doing what’s comfortable when it comes to shipping, but that often means leaving money on the table. Consider making some changes to your shipping process and enjoy significant savings!

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