Efficiency: Powered by shared truckload.


Iterative – Continuously improve areas of the Flock Platform with our iterative approach. 


All In – Join a team that’s committed to changing the world through technology. 


Responsible – Help make our world cleaner and greener by driving efficiency in freight.

Read what our engineers have to say

“After working with literally dozens of organizations large and small, young and old, I can honestly say the ability to translate effort into impact here is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. This company depends in no small part on the hard work of literally every employee, and its rapid growth is a testament to the quality of those people I’m privileged to call my coworkers.” 

Oliver Lum
Senior Engineering Manager

“We have many really smart people coming together here and trying to change the way the freight industry works, and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity for the world.”

Tony Myers
Sr. Software Engineer

It’s always thrilling when the engineers and I have a kernel of an idea to start with. Once we’ve experimented with the simplest version of it and that version is live, we can leverage feedback and data to continually find ways to make the idea better and better. This iterative loop is rewarding because you can see innovation happening on a weekly, even daily, basis.”

An Le Nguyen
Sr. Product Manager

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