At Flock, we’re transforming the freight industry, delivering Shared Truckload at scale.

Unlocking value for shippers, carriers, and the planet.

Optimizing Truckload Utilization: Find out how to reduce costs and emissions with our newly released shipper research study.
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Ship FlockDirect® and only pay for the space you need.

Your freight is guaranteed to ship terminal-free as a Shared Truckload, which means you will:

- Receive truckload-level service
- Keep your inventory moving
- Avoid costs from damage, delays and theft
- Reduce CO2e emissions by up to 40%

Truckload level service without the price tag.

Deliver on-time to meet your scheduling requirements with full truckload service at a fraction of the cost.

Only pay for space you need.

FlockDirect® gives you real-time per-pallet pricing on up to 44 linear feet, so you only pay for the space you need without sacrificing service.

Produce and deliver faster.

Shipping FlockDirect® means you never have to wait to fill a truck. Book your shipment as soon as you’re ready to keep your inventory moving on-time.

Unmatched LTL tracking visibility.

Your FlockDirect® freight moves as a shared truckload and is trackable through delivery with frequent updates right on our platform, much like TLs.

Reduce damage and theft.

Your freight is guaranteed to ship terminal-free, meaning reduced opportunities for damage, delays, loss and theft.

Cut carbon emissions.

Pooling freight to maximize trailer utilization removes unnecessary trucks on the road, slashing your Scope 3 CO2e emissions by up to 40%.

Customer support for every shipment.

Flock’s dedicated team of friendly and professional experts is here to support you 7 days a week when you need it most.

Trusted by the best

“We were using truckload service to ship freight […] from Dallas to Florida due to weight constraints. Using FlockDirect®, we reduced delivery expenses on these types of shipments sometimes upwards of 50%.”
Tyler Wright

Director, Warehousing & Logistics at Waiākea Water

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