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Shared Truckload: Pay Less, Get More

FlockDirect is the only way to guarantee shared truckload service, where your freight moves on one multi-stop shared truckload. Whether you have one pallet, 20 pallets, or anything in between, your freight will move on a single truck until it reaches its final destination.

Industries we work in

Food and Beverage
Building Materials
Paper, Plastic, and Packaging

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Shared Truckload Shipments
Active Carrier Network
Metric Tons of Fuel Emissions Saved

Customer Reviews

Eric Wollaston
Eric Wollaston

Go for FlockDirect! It’s awesome, it tells you when your freight will get picked up and when it will deliver. If it doesn’t get delivered on time, it’s free!

Cleo Stevenson
Cleo Stevenson

Flock Freight takes responsibility for upholding a higher standard. I truly believe in their business and their vision.

Shared truckload is the new way to move LTL, partial, and TL freight. Start your partnership today.