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Shared truckload: Pay less, get more

For shipments between four and 24 pallets, FlockDirect is the only way to guarantee shared truckload service. Your freight moves on one multi-stop shared truckload, staying on one truck until reaching its final destination.

Solutions for all of your freight shipping needs

Get competitive TL rates when you need a full truck, and save over 20% when you have truck space to share.
Avoid damage, reduce transit times, and eliminate LTL accessorial fees all while reducing carbon emissions.
Shared truckload
Move your mid-sized freight with TL service at a fraction of the cost, all while reducing damage, emissions, and late delivery.

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Shared Truckload Shipments
Active Carrier Network
Pounds of Fuel Emissions Saved

Customer reviews

Cleo Stevenson
Cleo Stevenson

Flock Freight takes responsibility for upholding a higher standard. I truly believe in their business and their vision.

Eric Wollasten
Eric Wollasten

We have eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect. Wish we could’ve started sooner.

Nick Marzano
Nick Marzano

Flock Freight has helped tremendously with our partial loads and has had good communication with us.

Shanae Weeks
Shanae Weeks

The FlockDirect services are great! You pick up on time, and you deliver on time. Plus, Management is happy that we are saving money on freight rates.

Shared truckload is the new way to move LTL, partial, and TL freight. Start your partnership today.

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