Avoid unnecessary expenses by shipping FlockDirect®.

FlockDirect® moves your goods with freight from other shippers as a guaranteed terminal-free shared truckload. Split the trailer - and the bill - while avoiding surprise fees from traditional LTL.

Trusted by the best.

What you get from a Flock partnership

Stay under budget.

Only pay for the space you use.

Produce and ship.

Eliminate bottlenecks by keeping your inventory moving.

Protect your freight.

Avoid damage, delays, and theft.

Why FlockDirect®?

Stay under budget.

Get truckload-level service without the price tag.

Move shipments terminal-free of any size using multi-stop shared truckloads.

Only pay for the space you need.

Share the trailer space and the bill without compromising service and reliability.

Protect your bottom line from surprise fees.

Cut damage, delays and theft from your budget with the smarter alternative to LTL.

Produce and ship.

Get inventory off your docks now.

No more waiting to fill a truck. Ship FlockDirect and get the same truckload-level service no matter how many pallets you have. 

Rapid changes? No problem.

FlockDirect® instantly adapts to changing locations and shipment sizes, providing you the flexibility to ship worry-free, when and where you want.

On-time delivery you can rely on.

When you ship FlockDirect®, your goods will arrive on-time, undamaged as planned.

Protect your freight.

Say goodbye to underutilized TL.

Ship any number of pallets and only pay for the space you use - without compromising on service quality.

Track shipments of every size.

Freight moves as a guaranteed, terminal-free shared truckload, skipping LTL delays and remaining trackable throughout transit.

Put an end to fines and surprise fees.

Your freight moves efficiently like a truckload, arriving on time and sparing your 2024 budget from unforeseen expenses.

The power of pooling freight.

Powered by machine learning, Flock’s technology smartly matches locations, schedules, and compatible shipments to find the best options for pooling freight amongst billions of possible combinations. And, it’s only getting smarter.

Almost half of shippers pay for a full truck when they can’t fill it just to avoid LTL.

Underutilized truckloads waste transportation budgets and hurt the environment. Read the full report.


Shippers reported shipping partially empty truckloads in 2022.


Shippers experienced late fees in 2022 vs. 2021.


Average cost per damage claim in 2022,  LTL carriers only covering 66% per claim.