Smart, affordable, and reliable freight shipping.

By moving your LTL and partial freight via shared truckload service, you’ll ship goods faster and safer, and at a fraction of the price of full truckload.

Benefits of Shipping with Flock Freight.


Shared Truckload Service.

When you select FlockDirect®, we guarantee your shipment moves hubless via shared truckload service. Your freight delivers on time and free of damage, every time.


Dedicated Support.

When you start working with Flock Freight, our team is all in. We serve as an extension of your logistics team, and our goal is to make sure we are providing your business with top-of-the-line service.


Easy-to-Use Platform.

Book shipments from start to finish in minutes on the Flock Platform. Our platform is designed with the shipper in mind. Enjoy instant quotes and instant booking on all shipments.


End-to-End Tracking.

We make sure you are in the know about your shipment’s whereabouts with proactive email communication and in-app tracking updates.

Stop booking full truckload when you don’t have to.

Flock Freight uses proprietary algorithms to provide shared truckload service. This technology — which pools multiple shipments into one, full truck — is known as pooling. Pooling eliminates wasted space for shippers and enables us to optimize load sizes that fall between full truckload and LTL. Companies who ship loads that don’t fill the entire trailer can use FlockDirect for the full truckload service that they’re familiar with at a fraction of the cost.

Move your LTL freight via shared truckload service with FlockDirect.

We take your LTL shipment and combine it with other shipments that are moving in the same direction on one truck, bypassing the slow and damage-prone hub-and-spoke system. When you select FlockDirect, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed shared truckload service
  • No sneaky accessorial fees
  • On-time pickup and delivery
  • Damage-free 99.99% of the time
  • Less carbon emissions

Get the same full truckload service that you know and love at a fraction of the price with FlockDirect. Sign up today.