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Flock’s freight shipping platform uses patented technology to find and fill trucks’ empty spaces–moving goods terminal-free with more accuracy and fewer emissions.

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Why ship shared truckload (STL)?

As the only freight shipping option sharing space on direct, hubless routes, with STL you see less damage, more predictable deliveries, and higher cost savings. Driving up profit while driving down effort.

Freight shippers save
20% more with STL


Terminal-free routes.
Top contracted rates.
Full delivery control.

Shared truckload capacity.
Reduced emissions.
Online tendering.

Freight carriers earn
20% more per haul


Fuller trucks.
Custom load matches.
Faster online booking.

Easier multi-stops.
Risk-free shared truckloads.

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Awarded by them, too.

“We were using truckload service to ship freight […] from Dallas to Florida due to weight constraints. Using FlockDirect® reduced delivery expenses on these types of shipments sometimes upwards of 50%.”

Tyler Wright
Logistics and Operations Manager at Waiākea Water

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