Shipper Savings Pilot

Commit your freight to Flock. Earn 5% back on shipments.


How it works:

Ship 4 times in a month

Earn back 5% of what you spent in the form of Flock Credit

Credit is auto-applied to shipments booked the following month

Have questions?

What types of shipments count toward the Shipper Savings program?

Any shipment booked with Flock Freight counts. This includes LTL, Partial, and FTL shipments booked through any of our service offerings.

How do I apply my credit?

Your credit is automatically applied to the invoice you receive for your first shipments booked during the month. You may receive an amended invoice with your credit applied.

If you’d like to specify an invoice to use your credit on, email with the invoice number for credit to be applied.

How will I know how close I am or how much credit I've earned?

We will send you a weekly update letting you know how close you are to earning with the Shipper Savings program. At the end of the month, we’ll send you a Shipper Savings summary that lets you know how much credit you’ve earned.

Does my Flock Credit expire?

Yes. Any credit earned must be used the following calendar month.

Is there a limit to what I can earn?

Earning is capped at 150 shipments in a calendar month.* If you think you may exceed 150 shipments in a month, speak with your Account Manager to discuss other pricing options that may better suit your volume.

*Subject to change

Do shipments count across my organization? Or only what is booked through my personal account?

Shipments ordered by anyone from your organization count toward your rebate.