A liftgate fee is charged when a carrier is required to use mechanical loading or unloading devices, including hydraulic or electric lifting or lowering devices. Liftgates are also required for residential pickup/delivery and for any delivery sites that do not have docks for shipments with a total weight of over roughly 50 lbs. It is of the utmost importance, for our drivers to be safe and freight to safely delivered.

If the delivery receipt does not show a charge for a liftgate and one is used upon delivery, there will be an additional charge. If the liftgate was used and the delivery receipt was signed, it will be very difficult to dispute. If a liftgate was requested but not provided by the carrier, or if a liftgate was charged but not actually used, then you can dispute this charge through our Disputes Form. Please be sure to provide a clear explanation and evidence to validate why you feel the liftgate charge was not correct.

Please note: If the shipper/consignee requests a liftgate pickup/delivery, the carrier will not invoice the shipper/consignee for the service, per the carrier’s tariff rules – “If the shipment is prepaid to Flock Freight the bill must go through the same party”. This charge is then passed on to the booking party, who is fiscally obligated for all costs pertaining to the execution of the shipment.