Favorite Shipments

Favorite Shipments 

Do you frequently ship the same product or commodity? The Flock Freight team just added a new Favorite Shipment feature in our platform, enabling you to save the details for your frequent shipments.

Try it out! Just navigate to the Favorite Shipments page, under Preferences, to add a new frequent shipment.

You can use that saved favorite to quickly fill out future quotes. No need to dig up shipment details from a Post-It note or spreadsheet each time. Now you can conveniently save these shipment details in the Flock Platform to make quoting even easier!

Create a Favorite Shipment from Scratch

  1. Log into the Flock Platform
  2. Navigate to the Favorite Shipments page under Preferences
  3. Give your frequent shipment a descriptive Shipment Name
  4. Enter the details you want to save
  5. Click “Save”


Create a Favorite Shipment from an Order

  1. Log into the Flock Platform
  2. Find an order that you frequently ship in Quote History
  3. Click “Create Favorite Shipment” on the Order Details page
  4. Give your frequent shipment a descriptive Shipment Name
  5. Click “Save”

Quote with a Favorite Shipment

The next time you request a quote, select that Shipment Name from the Favorite Shipments search bar and we’ll populate the quote request with your saved details. It’s that easy!

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