Product Feature: Automatic Address Book

You requested it and we’re happy to make it happen. The Flock Freight team is excited to introduce our new Automatic Address Book. And the best thing about it? It’s right in the name — it’s automatic.

The most recent company details from your past orders are now saved under Company Name. Simply start typing the company name to see a list of auto-complete options that will populate the address, phone number, and email fields for you. It’s that easy.

Automatic Address Book Guide

  1. Log into the Flock Platform and submit a quote.
  2. When entering your order details, simply start typing the Company Name.
  3. We’ll automatically display a list of saved company details from your previous orders.
  4. Select the desired company to auto-populate the address, phone number, and email fields.


To add a new Company Name or update the details for an existing company, simply edit the order form — we’ll save your changes for the next time!

When you book a shipment to or from a new company, we’ll automatically save that information on your behalf. Updating company details is a cinch too. Just edit the existing details when completing an order. We’ll make note of the latest changes for next time so that booking with Flock Freight is fast and seamless.

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