Better than a broker. Your technology-driven freight provider.


Enjoy 20% cheaper fares when you share truckloads.


Earn 20% more per haul than a standard truckload.

More efficient for shippers.

Shared truckloads see higher reliability than LTL and partials—and lower rates than truckloads that aren’t full. Lower rates, higher reliability, better service.

More profitable for carriers.

Shared truckloads earn more per haul than partially filled trucks. Fuller trucks mean fuller wallets.

How Flock Freight helps you…

Employee using digital tablet at warehouse

I’m a shipper


Terminal-free routes
Full delivery control
Reduced emissions

Top contracted rates
Online tendering
More mode options

I’m a carrier


Higher earnings
Risk-free shared truckloads
Custom load matches
Reliable support

Fuller trucks
Easier multi-stop routes
Faster online booking


Save 20% more.

By combining partial freight from multiple shippers, shippers pay only for the space they need—saving money compared to truckload shipping.


Earn $200 more / day.

By filling trucks to capacity with partial freight, we maximize trailer utilization and increase revenue per shared truckload haul by 20% — or $200 extra per day.

“FlockDirect® is the core of Flock Freight. We use Flock Freight to reduce our costs and improve service with shared truckload.”

Todd Birman
Senior Manager of Domestic Transportation