Guaranteed Hubless

Easier. Faster. Safer.


Imagine if your traditional LTL freight could move full truckload — without the hefty price tag.

With Flock Freight Guaranteed Hubless, we offer full truckload service at less than truckload prices. How? Our technology efficiently routes freight, combining your shipment with other customers’ shipments on a full truck. And the savings are passed on to you.

What We Ship

Consumer Goods

Food & Beverage

Furniture & Appliances

Industrial Goods

Paper, Plastic, & Packaging


Automotive Parts




Ceramic Tiles

And More!

Services for your unique needs

Notify by phone before delivery

Blind shipment coordination

Hubless transit

Additional insurance

Unloading services

Call for delivery appointment

Vehicle restriction

How to get started

  1. Signup for your free Flock Freight account
  2. Enter your shipment details
  3. Receive your quote options
  4. Order your shipment online


Visibility at your fingertips

From your Flock Freight account you can:

Download your BOL

Track your shipment

Download your POD

Get instant chat support

Additional Questions?


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