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Why ship shared truckload (STL)?

Using a sophisticated algorithm, our patented pooling technology finds empty space on trucks to fill with your freight – creating efficiency in the supply chain and your budget.

“Avoiding hubs and delivering on time helps us provide a better quality of service to our clients. We’re winning more business because of Flock Freight.”

Rob Vespa
President, Walkboard Express
Flock Freight - Shipping and Hauling

Save $100,000s on late fees.

Deliver on time by moving goods 30% faster on optimized, terminal-free routes.

Ship confidently, with ease.

Enjoy accurate tracking and predictable pickup and delivery windows.

Deliver 99.8% damage free.

Send your goods on safer, hubless routes that prevent costly damage by eliminating transloading.

Why is FlockDirect® faster?

As the only provider in the industry offering shared truckload, our premium FlockDirect service saves you money by sharing space on hubless routes – so you see less damage, less fees, and more predictable deliveries.



Keep your goods moving by keeping them on one truck. No transfers. No waiting.


Direct routes.

One truck on one route means your goods are moving in the most direct way possible.


Less damage.

By eliminating terminals, you’ll see less damage on goods – and less damage on profits.